Friday, 25 November 2016

The Gilmore Girl's Tag

Happy Gilmore Girls day!!!!

I’m so excited for these new episodes, I can’t wait. I don’t have time to watch them today, I hope I can sometime this weekend.

Anyway, the lovely Lucy and Kelly over at Sweet is Always in Style created this fabulous tag and of course I had to do it immediately. Thanks ladies!!!

1)  Let's get the tough question out the way first...Team Dean, Team Jess or Team Logan?

Definitely Team Jess!!! He loves to read and I always had a soft spot for him. I think Rory and him were great together and he definitely brouht Rory out of her shell.  

2) You stop by Luke's Diner, your go to menu item is: Blueberry muffin, Pastry, French toast, Burger and Fries or pancakes with strawberries?

Burger and fries for dinner and pancakes with strawberries and preferably cream or maple syrup for breakfast. I love pancakes!!!

3) Harvard or Yale?

Yale.  I don’t think I’d be the Harward type and doing something into the direction of writing like Rory sounds like my thing.

4) It's time for the Star's Hollow 'Bid on a Basket' festival. What are you putting in your basket?

I think I would start with a lovely salad with cucumbers, tomotoes, mushrooms, some ham and carrotts. I’d add some bread and of course a home made salad dressing. Then definitely some chocolate chip cookies and fruit. Some bubbly for sure, or maybe even beer. Then I’d add a spinach artichoke dip

5) What's your favourite Gilmore Girls treat food? Pop tarts, Pizza, Chinese, Twinkies?

PIZZA!!! Or maybe pop tarts... that’s hard.

6)  Friday night dinners or Star's Hollow Town meeting?

Lucy: I think I’d go for the dinner. It’s quallity family time and the food is delicious.

7) Christopher, Max, Jason or Luke?

What kind of question is this?! LUKE of course ;)

8) Rory's ideal night alone is doing laundry in her pajamas, while eating Indian food. What would your ideal night alone be? 

Cosying up in my pjs, fluffy socks, a blanket on the sofa or in my bed. Having a yummy drink (beer or maybe a hot chocolate), some food and a good book to read. After that maybe a movie and some blogging.  

9) Who would you rather hang out with, Paris, Lane or Marty?

Lane! I just adore her and she is into music, which is a total bonus!

10) Finally, with 'A Year in the life' just around the corner, what season would you love to visit Stars Hollow in? 

Autumn or winter!!! Winter would definitely be very magical.

I’d like to tag all the Gilmore Girl fans out there. Make sure you tag Lucy & Kelly and me, would love to see your answers. 

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