Saturday, 23 July 2016

My Hair Story

The question I probably I get ask most is „Is your hair naturally curly?“ YES, IT IS!

Looking back at my childhood I even had more curls back then. When I was at primary school I didn’t really care about my hair, a bad hair day didn’t exist, my mum made it work and later I did it myself.

I got older, puberty started and then I had a phase where I didn’t like my curls at all. All I wanted to do was straiten them all the time. After one wash, of course it was all gone again. I didn’t do it that often, but I liked having straight hair. I looked really different with straight long hair, people had difficulties recognizing me. I had to learn though that using a straightener all the time is not good for my hair. I stopped it and learned to appreciate my natural hair.

I had a time after I handed in my dissertation at high school and then another time a few later, when I started losing more hair. It was due to stress both times, but I started being really careful with my hair and I actually started loving my curls. I first wanted shorter hair, finishing a bit under my ears and I think that looked great. Now I want longer hair, so I’m letting it grow, you can slowly see it, which makes me really happy.

I always think it’s funny when I hear bloggers say that they have naturally curly hair and then you see it and you’re like: Oh, that’s just a bit wavy, have you seen my curls. And a lot of them want to hide their natural curls. Straitening all the time is not good for the hair, but oh well it’s their decision.

I’m happy with my hair and that’s the most important thing! I had to learn how to be happy with it and I’m glad I did. I still have my bad hair days and I can’t do fancy things with my hair. That’s fine, because it’s different for everyone. 

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