Monday, 25 July 2016

Fashion Corner - Ticino Edition

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Welcome to another Fashion Corner. This one is all focused on my time in the Italian part of Switzerland. Here are three different outfits, for three different occasions. 

I was wearing this outfit for the Ellie Goulding concert in the evening. It was a very hot day, so shorts or a dress would have been fine, but we had dinner and afterwards we were standing on the Piazza for a long time, hence the shoes. Comfortable shoes are so important when your standing for a long time. I wore my white and grayish Nike sneakers, combined them with some rolled up white Jeans (Hallhuber) and a top from Nara Camice. The look is rounded up by my sunglasses (A.J. Morgan), my Thomas Sabo bracelet, my Kate Spade watch, some pearl earrings, matching nail polish (L'Oreal) and my Maison Mollerus bag. 

The second outfit is great for an evening dinner by the lake. I wore a dress from in beige, silver and grey. The dress has different layers and is very comfortable. I combined it with my new metallic sandals from Navyboot. With this I was wearing a beige bracelet, a Calvin Klein watch, a silver necklace and my pearl earrings again. Of course I also took a bag with me, the Maison Molars again ;). 

Last but not least, a perfect outfit to stroll through a city or village on a really hot day. This is my blue (with different patterns) maxi dress from Zara. I love this dress, it's so light and prefect for summer. I wore it with my Navyboot sandals and took my coral Coach bag. Accessories wise I took my RayBan sunglasses, Thomas Sabo bracelet, a silver sand dollar necklace, the pearl earrings and my Kate Spade watch. 

I hope you enjoyed this little excursion to Locarno and Ascona. What do you like to wear in summer?

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