Tuesday, 19 July 2016

My favourite places and things to do in Locarno and Ascona

(Almost) every year in summer we go down to the Italian part of Switzerland for a festival. The festival consists of different concerts, these take place on the big Piazza in Locarno. The yeas I've not been I was away in other parts of the world. So this has almost become a tradition, you could say. I've seen Ellie Gouding, Bryan Adams, Roxette and some others play life on the Piazza Grande in Locarno. The area down there is so beautiful and it's located by the Lago Maggiore. Here are my favourite things to do down there:

- Moon and Stars, Locarno: As I mentioned in the intro it's a festival of concerts on thePiazza Grande. Every year they have some fab artists playing down there and the atmosphere is always great.

- Ascona: Kind of like a second home to me. The village is so beautiful and idyllic. You can stroll down the Piazza by the lake, where there are some cute restaurants and bars and the village also has cute little alleys and stores.

- "Badi" Ascona: I tried to look for a good translation for this, but you don't seem to have the perfec English word 😉. Well it's a swimming baths area right by the lake (I wanted to write sea first 😜) . The have re-done the whole thing, now there is a great lounge area wgen you come in and a bug field, where you can relax on a sunlounger and then swim in the lake. They also have two other little bars, directly by the water, just perfect to relax and enjoy your holidays.

- Ristorante Nostrana Ascona and Ristorante Sensi Locarno: Bith restaurants are run by the same guy and the food is just delicious. We always eat in bith estarants, both if them are also located directly by the lake.

- Seven Sea Lounge in Ascona: A fab bar directly by the lake in Ascona, with great music, drinks and ambiance.

- Giradino Lago in Minusio: A restaurant for everyone, with great Italian dishes, small portions and burgers, for everyone's taste and once again, right by the lake. The also have a roof top bar with a great view.

- Locarno: Locarno is bigger than Ascona, it's fab for shopping and has some hidden gems in the alleys and a bit higher up. You can drive up the mountain and enjoy some fantastic views.

- Cardada/ Madonna del Sasso: The mountain above Locarno with spectacular views and down by the station there is a vute little church with a fab walk down back to the city.

These were some of my absolute faves for the area, definitely worth visiting.

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