Saturday, 9 July 2016

Why I Don’t Miss Being a Student

Recently I wrote about reasons why I miss being at university, so now it’s time fort he opposite. I graduated two years ago and in the summer of the same year I started my job.

So my first reason is: finally earning my own money!!! I was so excited about this! It’s my own money and I finally had the possibility to be totally independent. With this of course comes the handling the money and also saving. I think I found a good balance. So the first thing I bought myself was my car. It’s a white VW Polo and I’m really happy with it. Being able to earn money also meant affording holidays myself and also just going away by myself. So the first big trip was Florida last year, which was fabulous.

Being able to go to work every morning is great, it gives my a good feeling and I’m very happy with my job. Being a teacher is what I always wanted and I love seeing the kids every day. It’s so fascinating to see how much they learn every day and I can be part of it. My school is also in a fab location, we have a wonderful view down to the city.

I said I kind of miss using public transport to uni, but it’s awesome just taking the car and being at work in 15 minutes. Having a car also means being able to go anywhere I want, at any time of the day.

It’s super not having to sit in lectures and just listen. I’m on the other said now, which is pretty fab. I also don’t have to read all the uni books anymore, I can read whatever I want.

I don’t miss the uni work for sure, all these papers and exams, that involved a lot of work and studying.

Talks about the future were a daily thing at uni, especially in the last year, when we all applied for jobs. Everyone always asked, if you have a job now and that gets really annoying when you get rejections and have difficulties finding a job.

So, it’s safe to say that life after uni for me has been fab. I have a great job, at an international school,  I’m surrounded by the English language every day, I can afford my favourite things, I get to travel and still have enough time for my hobbies and my blog. 

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