Friday, 22 April 2016

Dallas - America Adventure Part 2

Today is the day!!! I’m heading to Dallas (Thursday, April 7). I will finally meet my second momma Wendy/Aven there!!! I couldn’t be more excited!!!!

After checking out of the hotel in the morning, I took a taxi to Newark Airport immediately. My flight to Dallas was at 1.29 pm. The journey was about 4 hours long. I read a little bit (My Map of You by Isabelle Broom, loved it!), wrote some blog posts and edited my New York vlog on the plane, so time passed pretty quickly.

It was so easy to get out of Dallas Forth Worth Airport, I came out and there was the baggage claim and there were Wendy/Aven and her daughter. Of course we hugged like crazy and it was just so wonderful to finally meet her in person. We waited form y suitcase and then, they drove me to my hotel, where we first exchanged gifts. I got her lots of chocolates and other things and I got some nice next and most important: a fab Dallas Stars shirt. I quickly freshend up and then we left for her house. In the car we talked non stop and it was great getting to know her and the area she lives in. She showed me her house with the special Dallas Stars section ;) and then we went for dinner at a Mexican restaurant, before going back to her place to watch the Stars game.

On Friday Wendy picked me up and we went for breakfast at a popular chain in Texas called La Madleine, this was not far away from the Dr Pepper Center in Frisco, where the Stars train. So afterwards we of course went to the Stars practice. It was awesome, so great seeing all these players so close. If you want to know more about the hockey and this practice, look out for my hockey blog post. After practice we browsed through Rally House, they have all Stars clothing and more. So of course I bought some shirts and other goodies. Then we went back to her house and watched some Homegate TV, the great thing about the Flip and Flop Too that was on: all in Vancouver!!!Afterwards we quickly went to a few shops, before picking her daughter up from school. Then it was time for dinner, we decided to go for Pizza. The whole evening consisted of talking and talking, so great. After that it was time to get back to the hotel.


Saturday started with a fab breakfast and then some shopping at Nordstrom Rack, I bought some lip crayons there. Then we made our way into downtown, where I was finally able to see the AAC arena, so pretty. We explored downtown and went for lunch. In the evening it was finally time for the hockey game. Nashville Predators at Dallas Stars. We had glass seats, which was amazing. The Stars won and on top of that: they are now Central Division Champions!!! So excited for the playoffs. Again: more in a separate blog post, but they evening was awesome!!!

Tyler Seguin ;)

Love you!!!

Sunday meant shopping. The journey took us to Northpark Mall, where we had breakfast first at Bread Winners, I had scrambled eggs, so yummy! Then it was time to explore the shops, there are so many!!! And the mall is very pretty. We went to Coach, Kate Spade, Nordstrom, Nike and many more, at Nordstrom I bought some great sunglasses. The funniest store there is called Pirch, because you can turn on sinks and showers and play with the faucets. You can imagine how excited Wendy’s daughter was. And my fave part about the store?! Free coffee… they had a nice little bar, very cute.  For lunch we went to the cute Mermaid bar in Neiman Marcus, lovely place. On we went to Uptown and had a little stroll, before starting the journey back to Wendy’s house. We drove through Highland Park (posh area, big houses, nice cars and it’s also where Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn live) and I also saw Highland village, so cute. We decided to have lunch at Wendy’s place, so we went to Kroger to buy some groceries. I bought some Fruit Roll-Ups, because my family and I love them. We made ourselves a nice big salad and just talked all evening.

Sadly, Monday meant packing up all my stuff and getting ready for Chicago. I was happy I still had a wonderful lunch with Wendy, before she took me to the airport.

I had such an amazing time in Dallas. The city is very different from New York or Chicago, but I didn’t care. I loved a little peace and quiet, the weather was fab and warm and the most important thing: I finally got to meet my second momma Wendy in real life. We caught up right where we were the last time we talked online and it was like coming home for me. I think our friendship grew even deeper and it was just awesome spending so much time with her. I had to cry at the airport after she left, because I just didn’t want to leave. I’m so grateful that I was able to go to Dallas and visit Wendy. Thanks momma for everything, I had the best time ever and I love you!!!

Of course Dallas meant hockey for me as well. It’s safe to say that the Dallas Stars are my fave team and it was awesome seeing them play live.

What amazed me was how nobody in Dallas is really into hockey, other sports are more popular and the Stars sections in sport store are tiny. With the playoffs starting people get more interested.
Dallas is a driving city, public transport is almost non existent. I only saw a handful of trains and buses, which was really funny.
People in Dallas go crazy about bluebonnet pics, or should I rather say, stopping by the street and putting their kids in the bluebonnet field and then taking pictures! I actually saw it happen, two boys in the middle of them all dressed up and cute. So funny!

Well, I’m really happy I made this trip and if you ever decide to go to Dallas, take me with you!!!

Next up: Chicago blog post! Coming soon…

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