Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Weekend in London

Well, the first part of the weekend (Holly's Book Launch) is already up on the blog, if you fancy a read, let me just tell you: IT WAS FAB!!!

Holly's event was Friday night, so I will tell you about my Saturday and Sunday now.
On Saturday morning I went to have breakfast in the Costa, located in the Waterstones at Trafalgar Square. It's great being surrounded by books and enjoy a coffee ;) of course I had a look at the books afterwards. I didn't buy one though. Afterwards I went shopping in the Civent Garden area, I the area and the shops there. I bought a little something in Massimo Dutti. The should have given my a discount actually, I was wearing jeans, a shirt, a scarf and a jacket from them ;) after that I waljed to Foyles, which is not too far away. Another book shop yes, but can you blame me?! I only bought a little adult colouring book, that's it. I went to the romantic fiction part of the store and they had signed copies there of After You by Jojo Moyes. Inloved Me Before You, but the paperback is a bit expensive, even if it's signed, so I'm waiting for the paperback.
With Mary!!!
At 1 pm it was time to meet the ladies at Covent Garden. The ladies means Paris, Maryline and Sharon. Mary and I were there early, so we got to talk more, I just love spending time eith this wonderful lady 💖 . When Paris and Sharon arrived, we decided to go to Jamie's Italian for lunch. We had to wait to be seated, so we had a drink at the bar. The food was really good, I had sausage papperdelle and a rocket/raddichio salad. It was grat spending more time with these sweet ladies, I miss them already. We didn't only talk books ;)
Sadly it was time for Mary to leave afterwards, I will see her again soon, latest in summer next year!!!
Sharon, Paris and I walked to the Waterstones at Piccadilly Circus and went up to 5th view, the bar and restaurant on top. We were there in March for Rebecca Raisin's event and funnily enough we sat at the exact same table ;) After enjoying a coffee we wandered around Waterstines and again didn't buy any books. I left the two ladies afterwards to return to the hotel and get changed for the musical. An hour later I saw both of them again. We had a small dinner in the Costa at Waterstones. Afterwards we had to say goodbye to Sharon. Paris and I walked to the Adelphi Theatre, where we met Rachel. It was time to see Kinky Boots!!! A weekend in London without a West End show would be really weird for me ;) I was glad we picked this show, kt was just awesome, the music is amazing and omg!! I will post a Musical Review soon, so you can find out more about the show there.
After that I also had to say goodbye to Paris and Rachel.
My hotel is close to the Embankment underground station and that's just by the river. I decided to enjoy the view of the London Eye and Big Ben by night, just wobderful, such a great atmosphere.

I went back to the same spot Sunday morning and took some pictures by daylight. Sunday always means that the shops only open at 12, so I decided to follow some Harry Potter inspired London. I actually wanted to go to the Studio Tours, but my friend couldn't make it, next time ;) If I find someone to come with me. Well, I took the tube to King's Cross and went to Platform 9 3/4. there I stood in line for the picture. I chose the Gryffindor scarf, even though I'm actually a Rawenclaw on Pottermore. I think I have a little Gryffindor in me, the red is a good colour for me and the Rawenclaw blue was a bit weird. I got my picture and also a red Hogwarts shirt, I'm in love with it!!! I actually can't believe that it took me so long to go there. I've been to London so many times, but never made. So I had to change that, Hogwarts here I come!!!!
After that I return to Piccadilly Circus and also 5th view in Waterstones. I wanted to have a proper lunch, since I new I was flying back around dinner time. I had a yummy mushroom and spinach soop, plus a pepper and tomato bruschetta, both delicious, I had a peach iced tea with it and the the drink was really, really good. Afterwards it was time to hit Regent Street for some more shopping, I love it, sorry and Regent Street and the area has the best stores. I git very very lucky at Abercrombie and Fitch and bought a few things there. After goung to Carnaby Street I enjoyed a coffee and walked back to Piccadilly Circus, where I got a taxi to the airport.

I had a fabulous weekend in London. I got to meet so many great people again and some also for the first time. I wish I could go to more of these bookish events, maybe one day when I live in London for half a year ;). London is an amazing city and there is so much to do, I will be back next year! Hopefully for a bookish event, a West End show, the HP Studio Tour and also a visit to Skygarden. Thanks London and Holly, I had a blast!!! Miss you all 💖💖💖


  1. Aww fab post honey. It really was a fab weekend and I'm missing you guys loads now! Until the next time ������ xxxx