Friday, 9 October 2015

Book Launch - Holly Martin

So this time I decided to make two separate posts, one about the bookish event itself and one about the rest of the weekend in London, let's start with Holly Martin's book launch, since that was happening Friday evening right after I arrived.

The Friday was a bit weird, because I was teaching in the morning. Right after my last lesson and during lunch time I left to get to the airport. My flight was at 4pm, I would have preferred leaving earlier, but there was no flight between 12 and 4. Now I was just hoping for the flight to be on time and not to lose too much time getting into the city and then the hotel. Luckily it all went well. I was still in a rush, because I realised the day before that the event starts at 7 pm and not at 8, like Facebook had told me. My FB is if course set on Swiss time and not UK time ;)

Holly Martin
I arrived at the hotel, which is located at Trafalgar Square, at around 5.45 pm, I checked in, freshend up, got changed at left again to take the underground to Ravenscourt Park. There I walked to thepub and yay I was even a little early. At first I almost passed the pub, but then luckily I saw Catriona waiting outside, just a few second later Cesca Major arrived. I felt at home already, Cesca is so great! We went inside together and walked to the white room upstairs. And that's where I got to hug the fabulous Holly Martin. Sitting right behind her were Victoria and Sharon Sant, so lovely to finally meet them all. They are all so nice and I also discovered something really nice about Sharon ;). I put my stuff down and went to get the cute name tag Holly made and her dad (he is so nice!) gave me a glass of rosé. More and more people arrived and I probably squealed when my bestie Maryline came in, was so happy to see her again!!! After that I talked to Karen Aldous for a while and then jouned Mary, Victoria and Sharon. It was so fab finally getting to know them and meet them properly.
Cesca Major
Annie Lyons joined us shortly afterwards and I had a great talk with her. Kat Black was there too, such a lovely lady. It was so awesome meeting all these authors. Ann Troup was also there, but I have to say my highlights were of course Holly, Karen and Cesca Major. I planned on bringing Cesca's book to sign, but it just didn't fit my small suitcase anymore. Anyway, the most important part was meeting them and getting to know them.
I also got to meet the lovely and gorgeous Katy Colins, who just got a book deal with Carina, congrats again sweetie. And have a look at her travel blog ;)
After a while Paris, Jo and Sharon arrived as well. It was so great to see them again and catch up with them.
The event really allowed us all to talk to each other and have fun together. I was able to talk to everyone one I wanted to and with the drinks, the cupcakes and the setting it was just fab fab night!!!

Thank you Holly again for the invite, it was the highlight of the weekend and I just want to hug you all over again. By the way, Victoria did a great job with your hair and you looked fab.
Thank you as well for the copy of Lilac Cottage and for signing it 💖 I hope you liked the little goodies I gave you.

While talking to the other bloggers and authors we also saw this ine guy and he really looked familiar. Either on author or and then it clicked, it was Olly Rhodes from bookouture. We had a great chat with him as well and he wanted to know what authors we would like to join bookouture, one name: Aven Ellis!!!

Part of the Beta Baes: Jo, I, Mary and Holly
One special moment was also having for Beta Baes together for the lovely Aven: Mary, Holly, Jo and I. It was fun exchanging thoughts about Nate and co. and I don't kniw what Holly did to me, but that laugh in the picture, omg!!!

A fab, amazing, fun and awesome night with some wonderful people, I loved every single minute of it!!!

My post about the rest of the London weekend will be up soon.

Kat Black
Karen Aldous
Jo, Me, Mary, Holly and Rachel

Katy Colins 
Mary and Victoria

Sharon Sant 
The Beta Baes 
Jo and Holly


  1. I loved reading your post Simona. What a gorgeous night!

  2. Replies
    1. It really was, wish I could go to more of them! x