Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Story of My Book Corner - Charlotte

So I only have a small bookcase, one that I have had since I was a little girl. It is crammed full of books, in fact it is so full that, probably, only half are on the shelves. And that this with there being two rows of books on each shelf… It is also filled only with books I’ve read. If I haven’t read it, it hasn’t made its way onto the bookcase.  And unfortunately I have an extensive collection of books. One that has grown so big that I have to store some of my books away. Only the one from my childhood as I have no room on my merge bookshelf :(

Despite this my three shelves (or four! If you count the top bit) are organised in a structured way. Promise…
The very top is dedicated to large book and consists of mainly annuals, cookery books, guide books, school books and some poetry books. These are the books that are too large to fit anywhere else.

On the shelf below are my favourite books. This shelf moves around a little bit, because if I have a new favourite I have to put it on that shelf and some other book gets demoted.  At the moment favourite include (as not seen in the picture below), all of Trudi Canavan’s books, Lord of the Rings and some of Sophie Kinsella’s books.

The next shelf is divided into three parts. The left side is the ‘chick-lit’ in other words those books that are easy to read and send off other thoughts, the middle are books that I feel to be classics, modern, vintage or otherwise. And the right side are books that are not quite worthy of my favourite shelf. Most probably got demoted at some point…

The last shelf is dedicated to books I adored during my childhood and the right to books that don’t quite have a ‘home’ and are a mixed bunch. They vary from Garth Nix to Matthew Quick to Dan Brown.

The rest of my books are scattered over the floor of my room in ‘organised piles’. Well sort of, the piles kinda got too big and fell and now there is a mess everyway. But the disorganisation is too embarrassing to share!
My bookshelf is set right by my door, so it is pretty perfect for picking up a book for on the way out. The only painful thing is getting a book from the back of my bookcase as I need to move books out the way. But I like the fact that I can pursue my books before I leave for the day and pick a book that is perfect for my current mood.
For me the perfect reading corner involves a book, a cosy chair to curl up on, a roaring fire and a blanket to snuggle up under, for me though I normally read in bed or on the train. But as long as I have a cup of tea I am content to read practically anyway!

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