Sunday, 16 November 2014

Books You'd Like To Live In by Tay Pickering

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Hey everyone my name is Tay and you can find me at and today I am so happy to be featured on Sky’s Book Corner doing a guest post with an amazing subject.

I think this is a wonderful subject for a guest post, and there is so many fabulous books that create amazing and awe inspiring settings that you just want to lose yourself in them. For example, Harry Potter, how many of us wish we could be eleven all over again and find that beautiful acceptance letter by our front door, I know I would. My favourite thing about reading is that you travel not only the world but an author’s imagination, you can be in a Hollywood mingling with superstars and divas, and the next you are in a magical forest surrounded with wolves and vampires, you really can live a thousand lives by simply picking up a book, and that is why I love reading.

Now Rebecca Raisin’s Gingerbread Café series is one of my top picks, the series is set in Ashford Connecticut where there is beautiful quaint shops with a gossipy and fabulous cast of characters, my favourite shop being the bookshop, run by Sarah Smith the loveable bookworm who loves books just as much as I do. The reason I love this setting is because growing up in a small community in Yorkshire I always loved the feeling that everyone knew each other and everyone had their own place. It also helps there is the Gingerbread Café where I could enjoy delicious treats and good coffee YUM! With romance, friendship and laughter filling this beautiful town it almost feels like it never followed suit with the rest of the world it remained a classic American town.

My second top pick is a book that I only recently got my hands on and I haven’t even finished it yet but I have completely fallen in love with the setting. Break in Two by M J Summers is set just outside Colorado Springs on a ranch. Yes a bloody ranch, with cowboys that have heart melting smiles and rock hard abs, the ranch has a Jacuzzi and luxury cabins and I just want to go take a holiday there and spend my time watching the men chop wood and ride horses, selfish I know but come on a little eye candy never hurt anybody.

Finally I have to pick Lisa Dickenson’s You Had Me At Merlot, it comes in four parts and each part is to die for. Best friends Elle and Laurie are the last ladies in their group who are single, Laurie is tired of it and drags Elle all the way to Tuscany to a vineyard that’s built for singles, if you haven’t read it yet you are seriously missing out, and it’s bloody hilarious. Anyway the reason I want to live in Tuscany is pretty simple to be honest, beautiful backdrops and wine, easily pleased hand me a glass of wine and let me watch the sunset and I am a happy woman, not only that Lisa Dickenson describes it so vividly I felt like I was tasting the wine and squashing grapes barefoot  and now it’s on my bucket list, I also have a really bad urge to ride around on a pink Vespa with expensive sunglasses and ridiculous hat, I don’t really know why, I just do.

So they are my  favourite books that I want to live in, the reason I haven’t chosen any supernatural or magical books is because honestly I couldn’t be bothered saving the world right now, I mean I have to do the school run in the morning.

Thanks for having me Simona

Happy Reading Lovelies


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