Sunday, 2 November 2014

Books I’d Like To Live In by Charlotte Foreman

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The above title suggests that I know precisely which books I’d like to live in . . . but I don’t. How can I possibly make such a decision?

If you gave me 10 seconds on the clock, off the top of my head I could name you at least 20 books I’d like to declare squatters’ rights over, and 10 minutes later I would have thought of a 100 more. For now though I’ll just give you my top five:

Harry Potter

An obvious choice, I know, so I’ll keep it brief:

Who wouldn’t want to live at Hogwarts with a prodigy boy-wizard, the female Einstein of spells and the most adorable ginger kid in the world? No one, that’s who.


I was more than a little obsessed with the saga, and still hold out hope that I may one day get to visit “the wettest place in the continental US” aka Forks.

See, I hate rain on a level very few people can comprehend. I despise the feeling of damp clothes, holding an umbrella makes I arm ache, everyone is miserable and it ruins my hair (I’m not being vain, but imagine your hair being ironed flat to your face and that’s what I look like if my hair isn’t blow dried). Appalling weather aside, I would love to hang around acting all Bella-esque, looking moody, constantly gasping and whatnot, watching out for sparkly vamps and man-boys to turn into oversized wolves.

Kiss Chase

Whenever I write about my favourite books, Kiss Chase always gets a mention.

I long to be one of Phoebe and Felix’s friends, part of their motely crew, who mostly appeared to be hilariously drunk for most of the story - no one writes a drunk better than Fiona Walker. Fact. I want to be in that bar when Felix walks into the tune of ‘Fever.’ I want to shake some sense into Phoebe and urge her to face up to Saskia. But most of all . . . I want to be at the murder mystery party because it sounds like the best fun ever!

The Keepers Series

Being a huge fan of NA, paranormal and romance reads, Rae Rivers serves up Heaven on a plate for me with her Keepers series.

I adored everything in these books and I’d like nothing better than to see the Beckham grounds in real life, as well as being one of the protected Beckham witches. Although maybe without the life-threatening situations, as I’m a bit of a wimp.

Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster

Oh the emotions, the angst and so many more feelings all contained within this one book. While I’m not too keen to be on the receiving end of all these emotions, I’ve love to be a spectator to the epic love story that is Abby and Travis.  

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