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Quotes - Waiting For Prince Harry by Aven Ellis

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It's time I show you my favourite quotes out of a book again. What better book to choose than the newest Aven Ellis novel. This book is absolutely amazing, you can read my review here: Waiting for Prince Harry Review. Aven on her inspiration for the book: Aven Ellis Guest Post
Time to continue my two days #AvenSpecial with the quotes and another surprise post later on today. Enjoy :)

"Electricity shoots through me as I think I see the same longing that I’m feeling reflected back into those stunning green eyes." - Kylie

"But I’ve seen him smile differently at me—a full, flashing, show-your-teeth kind of smile.
My heart catches for a moment. Could that mean something? That he sees me differently?" - Kylie

"I go on to read about his hobbies—traveling, golfing, woodworking. In fact, he used to work for a contractor doing home renovations during the summer when he was in high school. I continue reading. He also loves reading, and even has a tab on his website where he reviews his favorite books ..."  - Kylie

 “Kylie, you’re the only person who has ever thought that about me. That I’m smart enough to do more than play hockey.” – Harrison

"The only game I'm interested in playing is hockey. I would never play games with you." - Harrison Flynn 
"My breath catches in my throat. I feel this is a moment between us. That he hasn’t had this conversation with anyone else, not the starlets or models or gorgeous society girls he has been snapped with. This moment, I realize, is something new. And just between us. - Kylie

His gorgeous green eyes flicker.
I’ve touched him. I instinctively know I have. -Kylie
“That’s what makes you different, Kylie,”  - Harrison

"We lock eyes again. My heart is just all over the place,
fluttering in a way it never has before." - Kylie

Because you’re endlessly fascinating to me. And I pity anyone who doesn’t think so.” – Harrison 
Could he make me fall for him any more than I have? -Kylie

Harrison smiles at me. “That was easy. And it was for you.” - Harrison
I can’t breathe. I really can’t. And I think my heart is
about to leap out of my chest from the way he is smiling at me right now. -Kylie

Oh you’d better be at my side the second this show is over Kylie Reed,” he says, his eyes dancing at me. “Or I’ll have to put you in the penalty box." - Harrison
Okay, so I have no idea what a penalty box is, but if it’s with Harrison Flynn, I’m so in. - Kylie

The second Harrison’s mouth touches mine every nerve I have in my body is on fire. For a split second his soft lips just linger against mine, and I think he is about to give me a simple kiss, but then he kisses me with intensity. I feel his hands against my face; I feel his mouth burning against mine with desperate urgency. I’m excited and shocked and kissing him back like I’ve never kissed anyone in my life.
Harrison moves his hands to my arms and pulls me closer, still kissing me frantically and passionately and not giving a damn that we are standing in a parking lot. I’ve seriously never had a hotter kiss. I love the way Harrison is kissing me, making me feel desired and wanted and—... -Kylie

With each kiss, with each touch, every word exchanged, I find myself falling harder and harder for him. – Kylie

I’ll stay here, Harrison, I vow as I listen to his heartbeat. I don’t want to leave. Not now. Not ever. – Kylie

They didn’t work out with Josh because he wasn’t
Harrison Flynn.
Because right now, as I stare into Harrison’s eyes, I know I’m falling in love with the man I’m truly meant to be with. - Kylie

My God, I have never felt like this. When we made love, there was a connection. He’s my other half, I felt that instantly. Harrison is the man I’ve been waiting for, but never knew it. - Kylie

You’re my biggest gift,” he whispers. - Harrison
I swallow hard. “You’re mine, too.” – Kylie 

As we kiss again, I know with all my heart that wasn’t an accident.
It was fate.
And as I kiss Harrison, fate is telling me my destiny is to be with this man. - Kylie

"Fucking hell TATS ran my HOME ADDRESS on TV. I should sue William Fucking Cumberland for this. It’s his damn network!" - Harrison

. . and I’m madly in love with you,” Harrison continues, his voice soft. “I love you in a way I didn’t even know was possible. You’re sensitive and compassionate. You’re artistic and intelligent and you amaze me with the way your mind works.” - Harrison
Harrison pauses for a moment then continues. “You’re the most supportive person I’ve ever known. I feel like I can do anything when you’re with me. You captivated me from the moment I looked into your brown eyes, Kylie Reed. You’re gorgeous, sexy as hell, and the most passionate woman I have ever been with. And even though I’m not Prince Harry,” he says softly, “and if I didn’t completely screw things up in our fight, I was wondering if there was still a chance you could love me back.” - Harrison

„You’re already my Prince Harry. Don’t you know that?” I say, gazing at him through my tears. “I love you, Harrison. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you.” - Kylie
Harrison presses his forehead against mine. “I love you the same way, Kylie. - Harrison

“Loving you,” I say, my voice breaking, “has set me free. Your strength, your conviction, your belief in me—it gave me the ability to believe it in myself. I have a whole new world open to me now, not one that will be lived later. – Kylie 

My life is with you. You’re so strong and brilliant and gifted. Your heart is giving, and what you do for others—the mental health campaign, the fans, my sewing studio—showed me the compassionate man you are. - Kylie

You’re everything to me. You have been since the second we met.” He pauses for a moment and swallows hard. “I love you,” He says, his voice breaking. “I know this is insane, and I know we’ve only been together for a few months, but I know you’re The One. I’ve known it since the first night I met you.” - Harrison
“I knew it, too,” I whisper happily. “I love you.” -Kylie
“And I love you.” - Harrison

Kylie and Harrison Flynn— Two lives full of endless possibilities together.

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  1. Oh I loved this. I've just sat here giggling again as if I'm reading them for the first time. I think my favourite is

    “Kylie, you’re the only person who has ever thought that about me. That I’m smart enough to do more than play hockey.” – Harrison

    It just warms my heart. x