Saturday, 5 April 2014

Good and bad habits

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We all have our daily habits, some of the may are good ones and some of them a little bad. We need them all in the end and they also show who we are.

So here are some of my daily habits, you can decide for yourselves, which are good and which ones are bad.

1.   Write a “To Do” List: I like to write out a list on post-ist fort he things I still have to do. I always do one for Uni and one for the blog. So simple, yet so effective.

2.   Smile: I try to carry a smile with me on throughout the day. I find that not only does it make me happier, but it can make other people smile and open the door to conversations with people I haven’t talked to before. You can find small reasons and good things to smile about, so just do it.

3.   Have Family and Friends Time: I love my family and friends. I believe it’s important to spend actual time with them and catch up on everything. Family time is about quantity and quality.

4.   Take Time for Myself: It’s important to me to have time for myself. I need the time to relax and do what I love. Some things I like to do: READ, write, blog, sing, play the piano...

5.   Drink enough: I realised that it’s important to drink enough every day, so I carry around a bottle of water all the time. It doesn’t have to be water all the time though.

6.   Drink coffee: I love coffee and I drink a lot of it.

7.   Listen to music: I need this every day. I mostly to it in the train ride to Uni or else I just do i tat home. I need it to relax and stay calm, and sing ;)

8.  Read: A day without reading is not a real day.

9.  Twitter: I should really stop that, I’m on Twitter quite often. I also feel that I have to check Twitter to stay updated sometimes.

10. Enjoy life: Life is short, so I’ll try to find something positive in each day. It can also be something really small, but it makes you feel better.

What about you? What are your daily habits?

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  1. Wow you have wonderful daily habits. You sound practically perfect in every way. Me, not so much!