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Isabell about her favourite book covers

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Hey lovelies

Time for another guest post. The lovely Isabell agreed to write one for me and I couldn't be happier. When I visited her in Germany we talked about a topic and came to the one of book covers. So Isa is going to tell you more about her favourite ones. Thank you for writing this post hun xxx.
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And now enjoy :)


Thank you so much Simona for having me as your guest on Sky’s Book Corner.
Today I am talking about my favorite book cover designs. It’s a compilation of covers of books I’ve read, books which are on my unread book shelf and books I can’t wait for the pub date. It was very difficult just to choose just 5 covers. There are so many utterly beautiful covers out there.

Coming Home For Christmas by Jenny Hale (published on 1. October 2013 by Bookouture)

Christmas is a time for family - isn't it?

Allie Richfield loves Christmas, so when she lands a job as House Manager for the amazing Ashford Estate—which includes organizing the Marley family festivities—she is in her element. With a budget bigger than her life savings and a team of staff, how hard can it be? As one-by-one she meets the Marleys, she’s about to find out…

Allie’s new boss, Robert, might be gorgeous, but he’s also colder than the snow outside and refuses to come home for Christmas. Robert’s playboy brother, Kip, flirts with her relentlessly; and his sister, Sloane, arrives home with baggage—both the divorce-kind and the Louis Vuitton kind. Their ninety-two year old grandmother, Pippa, spends her day grumbling at everybody from her mobility scooter.

With Robert intending to sell Ashford, it’s the Marley’s last chance to create some happy memories in their family home and Allie is determined to make it happen… even if it takes a little Christmas magic! With the festive spirit in full swing, she might even discover a little happiness of her own…

This book grasped my interest at Christmas time last year. It was a wonderful christmassy read. It was one of the first books I reviewed for my blog. I totally fell in love with that pretty cover and I can’t wait to read more of Jenny Hale.

Millie and the American Proposal by Annabel Scott (published on 31. January 2014 by )

Millie’s boyfriend James gets offered a job in Singapore, he accepts, thinking that she’ll give up her job and go with him. Only Millie gets offered a work secondment to New York which is too good an opportunity to turn down. When she arrives in the city, she soon discovers that she’s not the only one new in town; her ex-boyfriend, Rob, is back, and he’s separated from his wife. It’s time for Millie to work out what she wants from life. She’s got to decide whether she’s Team James or Team Rob as she gets her very own American Proposal.

WHAT A STUNNING COVER!! Millie and the American Proposal is the 3rd book of the Millie series. I’ve discovered it on a book bloggers blog and it immediately went on my TBR pile after seeing this beautiful cover. Can’t wait to read that on.

Ein Tag im März by Jessica Thompson (german edition of Three Little Words published on 22 November 2013 by Bastei Lübbe)

As a dark evening draws in, the lives of three women are changed forever.
The worlds they have been living in, the people they thought they knew - in an instant it all changes. But when everything seems to shatter around them, could three little words be enough to help put the pieces back together again?

I’ve been gifted this book on Christmas. I gave me mother a list I hope to receive on Christmas. I was so happy this was one of them. As soon as I finished my author requests I want this one to be one of my first own choices to read because I love the sound of this book.

You're the One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher (published on 22. May 2014 by Penguin)

Maddy, Ben and Rob have been inseparable since they met in the school playground at nine years old. They've always been a threesome and it seems nothing could get in the way of their friendship. But what Maddy doesn't know is that Ben has always been in love with her. And what Ben doesn't know is that Rob and Maddy have begun to fall in love with each other . . 
As their friendship irrevocably changes Ben keeps his broken heart a secret for the sake of his two friends. But when Rob and Maddy's love turns sour, can Ben continue to say nothing? And will Maddy have to choose between the two best men she knows?

I’ve not been the biggest fan of Giovanna’s debut novel Billy and me but when the cover of her second novel has been revealed, it just blew me away. THIS IS SO PRETTY! The blurb sounds really nice and I can’t wait to get my own copy to put this beautiful cover on my shelf.

Lucy in the Sky by Paige Toon (published on 16. April 2007 by Simon and Schuster UK)

Settling down for a 24-hour flight to Australia, Lucy finds a text message on her phone from a woman claiming to have slept with her boyfriend, James, four times in the past month. Trapped above the Pacific, she questions everything about their relationship, but when she finally calls him, James reassures her that it was only his friend playing a joke. James is gorgeous and successful and Lucy adores him, yet at her best friend Molly’s wedding in Sydney, she finds herself having doubts and is keeping an eye on Molly's brother-in-law Nathan. Nathan is a happy-go-lucky surfer boy with no prospects, no place to live, and an almost-girlfriend in tow. Suddenly, Lucy finds herself caught between two distant continents and two very different men.

Paige Toon is my favorite author so she has to be on that list as well. I totally adore her debut novel Lucy in the Sky. It introduced me to chick lit and also encouraged me to read more English books. It’s a wonderful chick lit story. I really liked the old cover designs but the new ones matches so perfectly and are just too pretty.

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