Friday, 4 January 2019

Goals for 2019

Last year I wrote a post about my 2018 goals, so for this year I thought, I’d reflect on those and set some new ones. I will also add some plans and ideas to this post. 

Let’s start with blogging. The number of followers is something big and important to most bloggers, I was the same, but that changed. I don’t even look at these numbers anymore (except for Instagram). I still haven’t reached 1000 followers on insta, it’s been my goal for two years. I even have less followers now, I just don’t get it. At one point I had 960 and now I’m around 910. My goal for 2018: 1000 ;). I have a bit less followers on Twitter as well, but there I really don’t care. I don’t that much on twitter anymore, except for my blog posts. 5555 is a great number, but I don’t think it will go up. I have reached my goal of 350’000 pageviews, I’m almost at 390’000, even though I have barely posted anything the last three months. For 2019 getting to over 400000 would be fab.
Other than that I just want to enjoy blogging again (see my “It’s been a while” post). I also want to get out of my reading slump and not put myself under pressure when it comes to reviewing. 
I was far away from reaching my goodreads goal, so I will set it at 50 books for 2019.

I have recorded some song on the piano, but haven’t uploaded any. Moving out also meant leaving the piano behind. I might buy an electric piano though, organise all my music and then get started, so we’ll see. 
In the beginning of the year I did a lot of working out, planks every day, but that kind of stopped in April. I really want to get into it again. 

Yes,last year I wanted to move out and said it’s difficult to find the right place. Well, I have found the right place! I moved in October into an apartment with 3 ½ rooms. That means a bedroom, another additional room, a bathroom, a guest bathroom and an open kitchen and big living room. I love living here and loving alone. Now, there are just little things I still need, especially pictures on the walls.

2018 was a big traveling year for me withcalifornia, Malta, Ticino, Belgium and Barcelona. There is not much planned for 2019 yet. I’m def going to London in February. I really want to go back to Canada in summer, but I have nothing booked yet. Lots of ideas are floating around though ;). 

I have learned to stand up for myself more, but it proves to be hard, cause I’m very emotional and start crying easily. There are certain situations where I had to do it in 2018 and I have definitely grown stronger, I still have to work on it though. 

Think about my teaching job, I just want to continue the same way, enjoy my work and get inspired by the kids every day. 

I want to continue my work for the choir's committee and just do a good job. It’s great to work with these people and even though I’m much younger than them, they accept my opinion and want to hear my thoughts. 

The lettering is going great, but I don’t have a lot of time for it and I need different pens, they are just really expensive. 

What are your goals for this new year?

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