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The Bottom Line - by Aven Ellis

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After landing her dream job as an assistant buyer for a luxury fashion retailer in Minneapolis, Taylor Hartigan’s life becomes a nightmare. Performing mundane tasks and catering to the ridiculous whims of the boss from hell, she sees no opportunity for advancement. Though she’s never quit anything in her life, Taylor walks out and heads home to Chicago, the city that holds her heart. With her confidence shaken and no job on the horizon, she knows she has to find herself again.

Once she arrives, she’s shocked to learn hockey player Hunter Riley has been traded to the Chicago Buffaloes. Taylor met Hunter the previous season when his hard-hitting play broke the glass in front of her. Meeting him after the game, something passed between them—and has stayed with her ever since. Since she’s followed his career, she knows he’s coming off a disastrous season in Houston and must rediscover his game in Chicago—or face losing his hockey dream.

The timing couldn’t be worse for the pair to become involved since they’re both at a crossroads but the chemistry between them can’t be denied. Taylor worries that their budding relationship won’t survive the challenges of rebuilding two broken careers. Can the new versions of themselves fit together? Or tear them apart?

Or will love be the bottom line, after all?

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Ice hockey, Chicago, romance and characters we already know! Yes please!

The Bottom Lineis part of Aven Ellis’ Chicago on Ice series, it’s book number four. I’d suggest reading the previous books, because you really get to know the characters and the storyline stays in the right order. 

The first time Taylor and Hunter meet is in book number three, where he bumps into the glass right in front of her. Their chemistry was obvious, but she lives and works in Minneapolis and he plays for Houston. However, she is not happy with her job and misses Chicago. She quits and decides to find what really makes her happy. Hunter gets traded and now plays for the Chicago Buffaloes. 

It finally means that they can see each other and spend a lot of time together. Life is not always easy though. She wants to start her own business, connected to fashion. Hunter now plays with his brother, the captain of his team and first has to prove that he is a great player. Taylor’s parents are not supportive at all and that is really difficult for her. It’s a good thing she has Hunter, her friends and also her brother with his family. 

Other familiar characters are part of the story as well, which is fabulous. They all have something special and add a lot of charm. Of course there are some exciting news as well, I just love catching up with them. 

Both Taylor and Hunter go through a very important journey in this book and they learn a lot. The fact they they have each other really helps. They are good for each other and there for each other. Their scenes and moments are adorable. Aven Ellis has a really talent for creating gripping and thrilling storylines. It hast he perfect mixture of romance, love, friendship, family and sport. There is a lot of passion behind the writing and the plot is full of exciting elements. 

Their relationship moves on very quickly and the end conflict, didn’t really come across in a realistic way. I felt like it was just there, to have some drama. The epilogue on the other hand was different to the usual Aven Ellis style. I really liked it. 

Aven Ellis’ style is wonderful, vivid, fresh and absorbing. She really knows how to capture emotions. 


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