Thursday, 18 October 2018

By Virtue Fall - by Carrie Elks

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The blurb: 

A heartwarming Shakespeare Sisters romance from the bestselling author of Fix You.
The fourth, and final, book in the Shakespeare Sisters series.
With a broken marriage behind her, Juliet is just about ready to give up on love. Living in a ramshackle bungalow in Shaw Haven and working as a florist, she is desperately trying to build a new life with her daughter, Poppy. But try as she might, the one thing she can't ignore is the man next door . . .

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

I was very excited the start the forth book of the Shakespeare Sisters series, because I absolutely adored all the book and of course wanted to know what happens to Juliet. 

Juliet has basically given up on love. Her marriage has no chance of surviving and her ex is being really difficult, especially when it comes to their daughter Poppy. He somehow also can’t let go and wants to control everything Juliet does. 

Her neighbour Ryan is a single dad too and the two of them have instant chemistry. Their banter is fun and sweet. It’s not the best time for them to be together, but one thing leads to another. Drama and misunderstandings add some excitement to the storyline as well. I feel like they both got a second chance to find happiness, they just had to be true to themselves and deal with their past. 

The children add a lot of charm as well, as does the detailed, vivid and passionate writing. Carrie Elks really understands how to create a unique atmosphere and exciting plot. 

I loved catching up with the other Shakespeare sisters. It’s great to see what changed in their lives. I’m sad the series is over, especially after reading the adorable and wonderful epilogue. 

 A fabulous romance book, which offers so much more as well!


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