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The Wedding Promise – by Emma Hannigan

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The blurb:
Does a rambling Spanish villa hold the key to love? No. 1 Irish bestseller Emma Hannigan returns with her heartwarming new novel. If you like reading Cathy Kelly and Patricia Scanlan, and enjoyed the film UNDER A TUSCAN SUN, you will love this. 'Brimming with hope and joy' Sunday Independent 

Restoring a Spanish villa brings Shelly back to the place she and her husband once loved, fulfilling the promise he made that they would return. But as plans to transform the villa into a romantic wedding venue take shape, Shelly discovers her children may need the move more than she does. 

Her son Jake has begun to question the things he values most: his career as a pilot, his relationship with his girlfriend. Could Spain offer him the change he's seeking? Shelly's daughter Leila arrives with a new-born baby in tow, but then hears some startling news she wasn't expecting. As Casa Maria takes its first booking, will it turn out to be more than a romantic promise made all those years ago? Perhaps a second chance at new beginnings?

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Shelly and Gerry are happy seeing their grown children build a life of their own, but then an unforeseen and shocking event changes everything.

Shelly now is determined to restore a Spanish villa and make the best of the situation. A lot of memories are connected to the place, which doesn’t make things easier.

Jake, is a pilot like his father and engaged to Fee, who is a doctor. However, he starts questioning what he really wants, feels unhappy as a pilot and the relationship with Fee is not what it used to be.
Leila is very happy with Matthew; their new born baby makes their happiness complete. It’s not always easy though, especially because her partner Matthew is not always around and she gets some unexpected news.

I loved reading about this family, because they were all so passionate and full of heart. The way they are connected to each other is unique and they all have been through a lot. This is not your ordinary chick-lit book, it’s much more. It’s full of deep emotions, family love, important decisions to me made and life with it’s perks.

They all have their individual story to tell, but it’s all connected to each other as well. I was hooked from the start and I feel like Emma Hannigan has done a fab job including some touching and serious topics in this story, without them overtaking the whole thing. This shows real talent.

Part of the book is set in Spain, which was lovely to read about and gave the storyline a refreshing touch. 

I really enjoyed reading this unique book!


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