Saturday, 10 June 2017

Blogger and author Shananigans

When Mary and I decided to go to London together, we asked Holly to organize one of zhese event right in that weekend. I was never able to make one of these, so i was really excited.

The event took place on the roof top of the Big Chill House. Shortly after Mary and I arrived, Holly and Kim walked in. I gave them both a big hug. Holly I have met before, but I was finally meeting Kim. We have known each other for so long inline, it was about time. She is such a lovely lady. More and mire people arrived, one if them being Liz Eeles, who wrote Annie's Lovely Choir by the Sea, which I adore, especially since I sing in a choir myself. Jan Ellis, Heide Goody, Lynne Shelby and Fiona Wilson were one of the first ones too. We slowly got oursleves some food as well and mingled. I got really excited when Heidi-Jo Swain arrived. We have almost known each other ever since I have started blogging, she has become a successful author in the meantime. I have read her debut and I just adore her writing. We talk sometimes kn Facebook or Twitter, but it was so fabulous to finally met her in persin and getting to know her better. Jenni Keer came with her, she is an aspiring author and she is just so lovely. Then there was the lovely Carrie Elks, I loved her book called Fix You, it was fab to finally meet the author behind it. The other blogger there was lovely Anette, we have been following each other for a while, but never met. Then there were Carol Cooper, Fiona Harper etc. and we also had one man amongst us, he left quite quickly again though. Towards the end Rebecca Chance showed up as well.

Mary, Holly and I enjoyed catching up with each other, we talked wedding, mutual friends and much more, miss these two fab ladies!!! ❤️

We were quite a small group, which helped for keeping the overview. Initially there were about 45 signed up to come, I think we were about 20 in the end. I have to say I was a bit disappointed, because I was really excited that some authors were meant to come, like Kirsty Greenwood or Isabelle Broom, but sadly they didn't make it. A lof of people cancelled the day before or even on the day, which I don't understand, ever heard of the word "planning"?!
Anyway I enjoyed the adternoon very much. It was great to meet new people and catching up with some other. I think we were a fun bunch of people and it turned out to be a winderful afternoon.

Thanks to Holly and Kim for organizing.

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