Tuesday, 27 June 2017

I love Singing

 „You sang really well tonight.“

I sing in a choir with 100 members and hearing that sentence from the conductor just felt great.
I have liked singing ever since I can remember, my mum brought me to it. I sang in my high school choir, then joined the uni choir, as well as the choir I sing in now. We are called „Audite Nova Zug“. We sing everything from classical stuff like the Messiah to Rock and Pop Classics.

Hearing that sentence gave me a great feeling, especially since our choir is so big. I have never had big ambitions with singing, that’s why a choir is actually perfect. I dream of singing a little solo once maybe, but I also know that there are better singers out there.
I got to every rehearsal, sit in the front, enjoy it, learn fast, can read music, sing off by heart and it’s just wonderful to get some appreciation for it. Normally, people like me are overshadowed by the talented ones, even though they are never there. I got the chance in high school, where I had solo parts in a musical and I also got the chance in the little choir I was helping out at. However, that chance was taken from me in front of everyone, with the reason that my voice didn’t fit. Of course the explanation is understandable, it might be true that other voices sound better together, but it put me really down. I really needed this and it just makes me even more passionate about music and singing.

I had voice lessons from the start, in high school and then also at uni and I really learned a lot. The more you practice the more you also realize how important the technique of singing is. That actually surprises me when I look at famous singers and stars, especially Adele. She used the wrong technique and even now I still don’t like the way she sings; I still think it’s the wrong technique. It’s not about the strong voice, because a lot of stars just push and press, which is not good. Another thing I have realized is that the key and tones are actually set really low in their songs, which makes it easier for them to reach the high notes and everyone is amazed. In the end the high note is not even that high. Of course not all the singers are doing it, which makes me like all the others even more.

Our next project after the Messiah is going to Musical Classics, which I’m really excited about, because I love musical theatre so much. Singing is one of my biggest hobbies and I wouldn’t want to change it for anything. It brings my joy every day!!!

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