Saturday, 24 December 2016

Simona’s Cosy Christmas Corner – Traditions

As you already know, we have some different Christmas traditions in Switzerland. Last year I wrote a little something about our Santa Claus:
We have the “Christkind” bringing the presents and we also celebrate on Christmas Eve.

This post is not dedicated to our general traditions, but it’s about my own special things I do around Christmas.

A Saturday or Sunday in December is for sure dedicated to baking cookies, I usually bake “Mailänderli” and “Brunsli”, part of this whole tradition is to give them a Christmas shape like a star, a Christmas tree or a bell. If you want to know more about the cookies, read the post here:

I always try to get all presents early enough, but I wait wrapping them until December 23 or 24. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the way I do it. Wrapping them is really important to me, I take a lot of time and watch a Christmas movie. Sometimes I also listen to Christmas songs.

Watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas songs is definitely part of it. I always create my own Christmas cards and write to my close friends. That’s usually when I listen to the songs.

Advent calendars are also a great tradition. Although in the past few years, I actually haven’t had one. I like the ones with chocolate in and the beauty calendars sound great as well.

I love candles and I guess you could call them a tradition as well. They just create this festive atmosphere. Scented candles are wonderful. Talking about a festive ambiance, I just adore decorating the house for Christmas, you can be so creative.

Many people put the Christmas tree up really early, we don’t. We wait until a few days before the 24th, usually the weekend before. My mum and I then decorate it with a Christmas movie or some music on.

We like to have fun with Christmas songs, playing around, singing and even changing some lyrics. We do that a lot while preparing Christmas Eve dinner.

We don’t have many Christmas markets in the area, but they are just great for a day or evening out. Strolling through the stands and drinking mulled wine, just perfect!

Another thing I love doing is hanging out in my Christmas pjs and just being lazy.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?!

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