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A Married Little Christmas – by Ella Fairlie

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The blurb:

Everybody loves a Christmas wedding… don’t they?
Wedding planner Faith Thomas has never met a crisis she couldn’t solve with quick thinking and a dash of charm – that is, until she meets standoffish photographer Jesse James. And when Jesse’s friends book her for a last minute Christmas Eve wedding at a cozy local inn, it’s all hands on deck, even if that means spending extra time with this infuriating (and infuriatingly gorgeous) man. If tree trimming, cookie bakes and sleigh bells in the snow won’t break through his Grinchy exterior, maybe a sprinkling of romance will do the trick. But is Faith willing to risk her heart on someone who may be gone before the bells of the new year ring?
A Married Little Christmas is a fun, feel-good festive treat about saying “I do” to the magic of Christmas.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

I got to know Ella’s writing two years ago, when I read The Christmas Bucket List and I instantly fell in love with her writing. This book has actually been turned into a Hallmark movie, which is really exciting. It’s called The Christmas List.

Anyway, let’s get to this actual book. It follows the story of wedding planner Faith Thomas, who dreams of the same man every night. When she meets photographer Jesse James, she can’t believe her eyes. It’s him!!!

He is not as dreamy as in her dreams though and she doesn’t like him in the beginning. That changes though, because the start spending a lot of time together. He his plans of leaving again though and traveling the world for his job.

She falls for him and I really liked their romance. They way they were with each other and how it all fitted into the story.

Faith and Jesse took turns narrating, which was very refreshing and also wonderful. It made me understand both characters and their feelings.

I think the resolving of the conflict in the end went a bit too fast for me, but it’s a short story after all. I wish the story could have been longer, because I really adored the characters and the storyline.

Ella has once more shown that she is a very talented writer, who puts a lot of detail in her writing and makes a story seem so vivid and real. A beautiful little Christmas book!


My possible cast:

Faith: Lily James

Jesse: Dan Stevens

Ella on Twitter: @EllaFairlie

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