Friday, 5 August 2016

Tips for city trips to Italy and traveling in Italy in general

As a child my family took me to Italy every year and also now we are goung to Como or other cities practically every year. Here are some tips that should help you, when you go to this country.

The journey down there is always a bit of a hassle, only when you're driving though. If you can fly, go ahead. The traffic at the Gotthard tunnel is really long, especially in summer, so you either get up really early and drive through the tunnel or you drive over the pass.

Generally it's good to arrive early in an Italian city, because the stores are open in the mornings until about one o'clock and then they re-open at three. This counts especially for the Italian boutiques and stores. Some department stores are open though. I would advise to have lunch during these two hours and go back to the shops afterwards.

The parking situation is usually not easy in these curies, try to find a parking garage on Google Maps before hnd and then let your GPS take you there.

Italians don't really like having to speak English, so if you order something or buy something in a shop, try it in Italian, it's some simple words and phrases and then you're good.

When you have lunch or dinner at a restaurant be prepared to pay extra for "coperto". That means you are basically paying for sitting down and that everything is ready on the table, you can also call it cover charge. Usually tips are not expected though. Bread in Italian restaurants is also different most of the time, not salty and it's used for a different purpose. Many restaurants only open at 7 pm in the evening, so be prepared to eat late. In touristy places the restaurants tend to be open earlier.  

Italian coffee is the best. So make sure you have a least one while you're there. And of course the gelato, so many choices!!!

Ladies with small feet, Italy is your paradise!!!

In Italy it's best to have a car. Buses and trains have a schedule, but they always run late and are not reliable at all. 

It's good to always carry around cash, some places don't accept credit cards and if you want to split the bill, it's easier. 

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