Saturday, 20 August 2016

Three days in Munich

Tuesday, August 9, 8.45 am: I get on the train to Munich at Zurich main station. I reserved a seat and got comforable. About two minutues before departure a mother with four kids sat down in my compartment, it fits four people. Well, the kids couldn't sit still, cried, they had a bag full of all kinds of food and then they started doing their nails. You can imagine how I felt. When another compartment just behind them in the other side became free, I moved. I was alone for the rest of thr journey, well almost. Towards the end of it, the mother moved opposite to mine again, to change the youngest's nappy, without a blanket or anything, just there on the seat. And then they stayed there. Otherwise the journey was great, I got a lot done: a wrote a book review, did some beta reading, prepared the Christmas play, did some colouring, listened to music and started a new book.

Anyway, I arrived at 1.30 pm, took another train to the center and then walked to my hotel right by Viktualienmarkt (Derag Livinghotel), I actually got lost at first, because obviously the paths of the market are not on the map, but I made it and checked in. The room I had was great. Everything was touch screen, lights, blinds, aircon and more. I even had a little kitchen with a Nesoresso coffee machine and two beers (they were for free). If you want to see more of the room, check out my vlog.

After I freshend up I went into the city, after walking through Viktualienmarkt and exploring the market a little bit, I went for a coffee in Starbucks. I checked the map a bit on my phone and discovered an Abercrombie and Fitch close by, so that's where I went afterwards. The store was in Sendlinger Strasse and I realised it's a shoppig street, so I walked all the way down to Sendlinger Tor and then ack up again and went into a few stores. At Lush I bought two bath bombs: the experimenter and avobath. They are cheaper in Germany, so yay! After some more shops a looked for a place to have dinner, I decided to go the the Augustiner by the "Dom". It's one of the famous breweries. I got a beer, obviously and a "Wiener Schnitzel" with Bavarian potato salad. During dinner it started raining and I got really tired, so I went back to the hotel, where I watched some TV, mostyl the Olympics (the American women in artistic gymnastics are unbelievable!!!), enjoyed the free beer, caught up on Social Media and read.

The next morning I got up at 8.30 am and went to Starbucks for breakfast. Then it was time to explore the city a bit more. I went to Marienplatz first and then walked down Weinstrasse. There I went to Douglas to get some make up bits, which are cheaper in Germany as well and then I bought some earrings from Cadenza. I actually saw them in London, but they only had them in gold and rosegold, I wanted them in silver, so thank you Cadenza in Munich. At 12 it was time to meet the lovely Alba from Alba in Bookland. We follow each other on Twitter and bith blog about books. We have talked a lot online. So it was great to finally meet in real life. We went to Hofbräuhaus for lunch, it's the other famous brewery. It's actually crazy in there, but typical Bavarian, I'd definitely recommend it. It's basicall a huge hall full of tables and it's actually hard to find a place to sit down. There is life music and yiu can only get typical Bavarian food. The beer starts at 0.5 l, so not what I'm used to from home. Alba told me that in the evening they only give you the 1 l glasses. Well anyway, we talked a lot about everything basically. After lunch we started waljing around and the walk took us to the English garden. First we went to the place, where they surf and then To the Chinese tower, where we had coffee. Unfortunately, it was raining, so it all didn't look so pretty. After the rain slowley stopped, we continued our walk back to the city, via Odeonsplatz, Marienplatz to Karlsplatz. And there we went to "surprise, surprise" a book store, it's called Hugendobel and they also have an English section. Well, after that the sun came out a little bit, so we decided to take the U-Bahn to Olympiapark. We walked through the park, it's really cute. Well, we walked and then it suddenly started raining again, and not just a bit of rain, but really heavy rain, it was even healing at times. We we completely drenched. Luckily it stopped again pretty fast, so we went back to the city center. Then it was time to say goodbye. I had a great time with Alba, she showed me around and we just talked. I went to get a Pizza and a Peach Green Tea Lemonade at Starbucks before going back to the hotel. I had my dinner there and watched some TV. The rest of the night, pretty much looked like the night before: Olympics (artistic gymnastics), beer, Social Media and reading.

Thursday was already my last day in Munich. After getting ready and checking out, I went to Starbucks for breakfast. Then I walked to St. Peter's church and bought a ticket to walk up to see the view. My god, the walk up is exhausting, so many stairs (300), that clearly showed me that I am not fit at all, but it was totally worth it. The view is fab, you can see the whole city. I then walked around again, before going for lunch at Marienplatz. It was finally a sunny day, which was great. Then I bought some goodies for my class next year and walked up to Karlsplatz and went into the bookshop again, this time I actually bought some bookmarks and a Maths and German book for school. Afterwards I went for a coffee, before going to the hotel, to get my suitcase. From there I went to the station. If course I hit Starbucks ince kore to get my beloved Peach Green tea lemonade and then it was time to get in the train. It was pretty full, so I was all squeezed in again. The one next to me got out after an hour, at least I had a bit more space then. In some compartments there were only one or two people and their suitcases, I mean how much space to you need?!

I had a wonderful few days in Munich, it was great to see the city again. I was ther when I was abiut ten years old, so I barely remembered anything, just Marienplatz and that my brother and dad went to a football game 😜⚽️.

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