Monday, 22 August 2016

Restaurants in London

London is my second home and there are lots of fab restaurants in the city. Here are my faves:

-       Dehesa: This tapas restaurant is located close to Carnaby street and has amazing tapas. I would call it a mixture of Spanish tapas, with an Italian influence. My god, they are sooooo good! Delicious tapas in a very cute ambiance! I’m going there every time I’m in London.
-       Rotisserie Harrods: The best chicken!!! You can get all kinds of grilled meat with vegetables, salads, rice and more! SO GOOD!
-       Jamie’s Italian, Covent Garden: Amazing Italian food with the Jamie Oliver touch to it.
-       Rosso Pomodoro: A great Italian restaurant with all kinds of pastas, salads and pizzas. The food is really good.

I actually wanted to add LaDurée on this list, there is one in Covent Garden and they also have one at Harrods, but we made a really bad experience this them with them. I love the omelette there, but the service was terrible. The salad my mum ordered was yellow with spots, the food took forever to arrive and they even lost our money.

Of course there are lots of other great restaurants and I want to try lots oft hem. This is just a short list of some great ones. Where do you go for dinner/lunch in London?!


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