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The Venice Bucket List – by Ella Fairlie

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The blurb:

Single mum Tess has enough on her plate without being forced to tag along on her brother and his girlfriend’s romantic winter holiday to Venice, and she certainly isn’t looking for a Valentine love affair of her own. But with the annual Carnival afoot, Venice has some magic and mayhem in store for her, in the form of a handsome masked stranger with a surprising secret. Will the city of glass and gondolas be able to work its charm, or is this one amore that’s lost in translation?

‘The Venice Bucket List’ is a deliciously escapist destination romcom novella about how love can surprise you when you least expect it.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

First of all, I’d like to thank Ella for sending me a copy of this story and for mentioning me in the acknowledgements, that means so much <3.

I was really excited to read this book, because I absolutely loved Ella’s first short story in this series The Christmas Bucket List. And she did a marvellous job again; The Venice Bucket List is magical, passionate and full of sparks.

The Venice Bucket List follows the story of single mum Tess, who dragged along to Venice with her brother and his girlfriend. Sounds like a great trip away, with a loved up couple, doesn’t it?!

Of course Venice is full of surprises and when her brother Jamie has a little accident, this handsome stranger in a mask shows up and saves them. He offers them to stay with him and Tess gets to spend a lot of time with Alessio (love this name). Tess and Alessio had something really special from the start, the gazes between them were intense, especially when he was wearing has mask. They soon find out who Alessio is and Tess realises that he has two different faces. The one with her and when he is wearing the mask and the one when he takes of the mask. I don’t wanna tell you too much here, you have to read the book, to find out more. Tess is not sure, if she should just follow her feelings, because what happens when she goes home?! Talking to Jamie and Isobel opens her eyes and she is finally letting go.

I loved the scenes between Alessio and Tess, they had such an understanding for each other and even f they were apart something connected them. Ella described these scenes with such delicacy and sweetness and it was a pleasure reading the whole story.

It was great to read about Jamie and Isobel again, I adored them in The Christmas Bucket List and I kind of want them to get a whole story.

Of course there was some drama involved which was great and it kind of opened up the story a bit. I liked that I wasn’t sure how the story was going to end, I had to wait until the epilogue and I was really happy with it. It’s might not the ending everybody expects with this kind of story, but I think it’s perfect for the book.

The Italian elements were great. I’m half Italian, so I really enjoyed the words and things Alessio said, they had such a deep meaning.
The surroundings were beautifully described, Venice is a great city and it’s perfect for this story!! Thank you Ella for writing such a wonderful and magnificent story.


My possible cast:

Tess: Amanda Seyfried

Alessio: Rubén Cortada

Ella on Twitter: @EllaFairlie

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