Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Two Of Us – by Andy Jones

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The blurb:

Falling in love is the easy part. What matters most is what happens next...

Fisher and Ivy have been an item for a whole nineteen days. And they just know they are meant to be together. The fact that they know little else about each other is a minor detail. Over the course of twelve months, in which their lives will change forever, Fisher and Ivy discover that falling in love is one thing, but staying there is an entirely different story.

The Two of Us is a charming, honest and heart-breaking novel about life, love, and the importance of taking neither one for granted.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

When I got contacted about this book, I was really excited, the blurb sounded great and I haven’t ready many books written by men since a started blogging, so it was pretty special to me.

The story follows Fisher. I really enjoyed having a male character telling the story; it opened another door and made me see things from a different way.
Fisher has been together with Ivy for 19 days and he is madly in love, but suddenly he finds himself questioning everything about their relationship. Ivy has some big news and their life is about to change in a drastic way. Everything is different and since they haven’t been together for a long time, they are still getting to know each other. I loved reading about their journey. It was funny, sad, sweet, entertaining, dramatic and so much more.

Fisher was portrayed beautifully by Andy, a perfectly well lined out character with so much heart and love. He seemed very real and authentic and his feelings were described in a very careful, but still capturing way.

It seemed that in some way they were perfect for each other, but than in the other way they were miles apart. However, that’s what made the story more interesting. We learn more about both character’s pasts, which made their personality clearer.

A story of two soulmates – finding the way to each other, facing all obstacles!!! A beautifully written story with a lot of emotions and adorable scenes. Andy Jones is a very talented author and I really relished his fresh and unique style.


My possible cast:

Fisher: Jared Leto

Ivy: Rose McGowan

Andy on Twitter: @andyjonesauthor

The Two Of Us is out as an e-book this month (Amazon UK), the paperback will be out in May this year, published by Simon & Schuster. 

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