Thursday, 23 October 2014

Ticino and Italia 2014

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So last week I finally had a week off. I took the chance and went tot he Italian part of Switzerland with my mum. I love it there, the atmosphere is different and it gives my the holiday feeling.

We left on Wednesday morning. From our house it’s about a 2 h 15 min drive to Lugano, that’s where our hotel was. The hotel is called Continental and it’s just next tot he station there. It’s beautiful, surrounded by trees, with a nice park and a pool. The weather wasn’t too good on Wednesday, mostly cloudy, I was surprised to see the sun at some point. We walked down to the city, had lunch and then we went shopping. There are a lot of really expensive stores in Lugano (Hermes, Gucci etc.), so not really for me, but the there is „Massimo Dutti“ my fave ever. It’s so my style and I could spend hours in this shop, like I did in Riga ;). And guess what, of course we were in there for a long time and I tried on so many different things. I bought some of them and kept the others in mind, just in case… ;)
Then we had coffee and walked around a bit more, looking for a good restaurant to eat dinner. That wasn’t easy and we ended up in a weird place, leaving again with a lame excuse. But then we found a god restaurant.

The second day meant Como, Italy, for us. I love this city, it’s sweet, small and cosy. Our GPS took us to the right parking area and we were ready to explore. Driving in Italy is always a bit of a thing, but we managed. Of course we went through the shops again, but weirdly enough there was nothing, I didn’t buy a thing… For lunch we went to our favourite restaurant, I had some nice vitello with mushrooms and polenta, oh my was that delicious…
Whenever we go to Italy, we go food shopping in a big supermarket to get all this special Italian food, so of course we spent about 2 hours in there getting pasta, olive oil etc. In the shopping centre there was also a shoe store, my mum found some great shoes there, I wanted to buy some as well, but with my tony feet that’s so difficult.
We spent the evening in our hotel room with beer, olives and The Voice of Germany.

On Friday we went down to Massimo Dutti again and I bought the other things as well, I couldn’t resist ;). Then it took us on the road again. This time to Ascona. My favourite place in the Ticino. We had lunch in our osteria, walked around for a bit and then enjoyed the nice sunshine at a bar by the lake with a nice summer drink. Finally some summer feeling in the middle of October. We left Ascona and drove to Locarno to have dinner there, just one word: yummy!

For the last day we decided to go to Ponte Tresa. That’s a Swiss and Italian city, so half half. They have a nice market on Saturday, so we took the train there and went through this market, bought some fresh vegetables and guess what?! Yes, shoes for me, I found some shoes!!! After lunch, going through the stores and a coffee outside in the sun, we took the train back to Lugano, where we enjoyed an hour by the pool, on a sunlounger with a book. The weather was
perfect… and it was the perfect end to my short holidays…


  1. What a lovely break. The photos are gorgeous - and so glad you managed to find some shoes :- )xx

    1. Thanks lovely :) haha yeah, the shoes... found some others yesterday as well ;) xxx

  2. Such a fabulous trip! I can imagine it was exactly what you needed after your first busy weeks at school. x

    1. Totally :) The perfect t break :) xxx