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Books You'd Like To Live In by Librarian Lavender

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When Simona asked me to write a guest post for her blog I of course immediately said yes. I love the variety of her posts and her reviews always stand out for me. Not only because of their words, but also due to the fabulous casts Simona manages to find for every single story.

The theme for this guest post is books I’d like to live in. For me that’s quite an easy theme. There are so many books I would love to live in and they all have one thing in common: France. I was just a baby when my parents took me to France for the first time. We went camping in the Provence. We went back to that place almost every year and it became a second home for me. I loved the beautiful mountains, the vineyards, the lavender scent and the delicious food.

When I got older I fell even more in love with the country. I had the chance to visit Paris several times and the city is beautiful and vibrant. I love the cozy little restaurants with their simple, delicious food. The shopping is also absolutely wonderful.

After Paris it was time to visit more of the country. I’ve been to the Dordogne, the Lot, the Aveyron, Normandie, the Alsace, the Opal Coast, the Jura, the Bourgogne, the Auvergne and Bretagne. Every time I visit France I love it a little bit more. I’ve visited various cities and each of them has its own character. When I think of France I think of elegant clothes, delicious recipes, wine and of course the beautiful language.

My favourite drink is Champagne. I’ve been to the area several times. It’s so nice to taste the different brands and vintages. The people there are so proud of their liquid gold and they should be, because it’s amazing. Nothing beats a really good Champagne. For me that’s the most delicious thing there is.

If you love France you will love these books. If you don’t you will fall in love with the country because of them.

The Ingredients of Love:

I love the cozy restaurant in Paris. The main character Aurelie buys a book and discovers that it’s about her. This story is so original and it’s one of my all-time favourite books.

The French for Love and The French for Always:

The beautiful countryside of the Bordeaux has something magical. I loved both of Fiona Valpy’s stories as they describe the village atmosphere and the character of the French so well. I enjoyed reading them so much.

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