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The Notting Hill Diaries - by Sarah Morgan

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The blurb: 

The Notting Hill Diaries featuring Ripped & Burned by Sarah Morgan.
Hayley didn't think being a bridesmaid at her ex's wedding could get any worse-until her hideous yellow dress ripped in the middle of the ceremony! Yet when sexy best man Nico comes to her rescue, the wedding of her nightmares could turn into the love story of her dreams...
Rosie takes pride in remaining composed when Hunter Black-her former lover- becomes her new boss. The one thing Rosie didn't count on? The powerful chemistry they still share! Or that a blast from the past can be just what you need!

My Opinion:

Sarah Morgan is one of my favourite author, so I was sure to include her in The SexMeUpReadathon and here we go.

It’s split into two different stories, Ripped and Burned, which are still connected to each other. Hayley, the lead female in Ripped is Rosie’s sister, who is the lead in Burned.

All in all I liked Hayley more, probably because I felt more related to her and Nico definitely sounds like my type ;). Hayley is a bridesmaid at her ex’s wedding, which is not fun at all and then everything gets worse, or let’s say very embarrassing, not only once, but twice. Her dress is Ripped and Nico, the best man comes for her rescue, they find a quite place and well… Of course they’re disturbed after that.
I felt their connection immediately and just hoped that they would meet again. At Christmas he is suddenly there and that was all Rosie’s doing ;). Such a great sister. Nico and Hayley hit it off and these scenes couldn’t be more passionate, but also full of love. Hayley made a New Year’s resolution just the have sex with no feelings attached, but with Nico now… Does he want the same anyway? We find out at New Year’s Eve and I loved how honest he was with her then. He spilled all his feelings and explained to her that he was interested in her from the start…
Rosie was there for Hayley all the way and Sarah just found a wonderful way to tell this lovestory in a flirty, clever and passionate way.
Oh and Nico, WOW!!!! BOOK BOYFRIEND!

Now, let’s talk about Rosie. She is shaken and shocked when her ex Hunter Black returns. He’s her new boss, which makes everything even more complicated. Their chemistry was awesome and feelable thorough the book. They just belonged together, but Rosie had the figure that out first and just be true to herself. Some steamy scenes are guaranteed and the sisterly love came through again.

Sarah found the perfect combination between erotic scenes and the whole rest of the story. This is what makes a story brilliant to me, so well done Sarah!!!


My possible cast:

Hayley: Candica Accola

Nico: Francis Cadieux

Rosie: Claire Holt

Hunter: Gonçalo Teixeira

Sarah on Twitter: @SarahMorgan_

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