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Sunlounger 2 - by Belinda Jones ...

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SUNLOUNGER 2 has your summer reading sorted with 44 sun-kissed stories from some of the hottest names in women’s fiction (see whopping list of talent below).

Even if you’re not straying further than your back garden we’ll take you diving in Grand Cayman, dancing on a yacht in Monte Carlo, swanning around Parisienne patisseries and safari-ing in South Africa – all part of our mission to make this your Best Summer Ever!

You can find out more about the lovely authors (including details of their most disastrous holiday romances and favourite summer cocktails!) at, which also gives you the option of choosing your reading pleasure by destination - click on Paris or Tuscany or Australia and you will find a matching story!

SUNLOUNGER was the #1 Short Stories Bestseller in the Kindle Chart last summer and this year's collection is even more diverse with chilling thrillers mixed in with the romance and adventure. But which story will you read first? So many names to choose from...

EUROPE: Katie Agnew - Valerie-Ann Baglietto - Laurey Buckland - Jo Carnegie - Poppy Dolan - Matt Dunn - Janey Fraser - Sophie Hart - Emma Heard - Pernille Hughes - Molly Hopkins - Margaret James - Milly Johnson - Belinda Jones - Lucy Lord - Chrissie Manby - Cressida McLaughlin - Kiri Mills - Wendy Rigg - Talli Roland - Juliette Sobanet - Katie Stephens - Jo Thomas - Anna-Lou Weatherly - Julia Williams

AMERICAS & CARIBBEAN: Tracy Bloom - Carrie Duffy - Tony Horkins - Louise Marley - Holly Martin - Martel Maxwell - Nigel May - Ilana Fox - Ruth Saberton

WORLD: Jessica Adams - Hannah Beckerman - Rosie Blake - Lisa Dickenson - Ella Fairlie - Roisin Meaney - Nicola Moriarty - Alexandra Potter - CL Taylor - Stephanie Wahlstrom

Oooh, these stories are so good! As Holly Martin says, “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hug your Kindle!”


My opinion: 

This is just the perfect summer read! The Sunlouger 2 is full of funny, magical, summery, sweet and wonderful story. Every single one of them is different, special and unique and it was a real pleasure reading them.

With some of them I was fully taken in from the start and with others it took me longer. The stories cover various topics and themes and I tell you there is something for everyone. The thing I loiked most, was reading about all these wonderful locations in the world, getting to know these places better and seeing the characters in these surroundings. Of course it was even more special when there was a place involved I’ve already been to.

Some of these magical stories were brilliantly written and I’d just like to talk about my favourites, but they all had some kind of spark, whether it clicked with me or not.

Hannah Beckerman’s story is set in Indonesia, it’s different and about real feelings.
Rosie Blake wrote an great short story as well and it’ set in an awesome location, check it out yourself.
I absolutely adored Tracy Bloom’s story, it’s different, magical and just so sweet.
Lisa Dickenson’s story is amazing, funny, entertaining, sweet, romantic and just brilliantly written!!!
Carrie Duffy wrote about two lovely characters, who had so much chemistry.
Ella Fairle was one oft he winners in the Sunlounger competition. The story is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Loved it, great idea and brilliantly written!!!
Ilana Fox really understands how to wrote a gripping story! I loved it and the whole idea surrounding it.
Emma Heard is the second winner of the competition. Her story is sweet, adorable and just a huge pleasure to read!!!
Lucy Lord wrote about an awesome location and it’s brilliantly written story, loved it!!
Holly Martin created a great story and a couple with so much chemistry.
Cressida McLaughlin had an awesome idea and I loved her style of writing.
Kiri Mills’ story is awesome! Very entertaining and enjoyable!
Alexandra Potter wrote lovely story with a wonderful message.
And last but not least: Juliette Sobanet with her beautiful, magical, wonderful story, including a great message and awesome storyline.

Go get the Sunlounger 2 now, it’s worth it!!!


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