Saturday, 2 August 2014

My Concert History

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Well, you all know how much I love music, so I decided to tell you more about the concerts I’ve been to and what music I listen to.

I’m starting this little tale with the band Boyce Avenue. These are three brothers from Sarasota, Florida. I discovered them with a friend on YouTube when I was at high school. They gained more and more popularity over the years and then in 2010 they came to Switzerland for the first time, right before I left for Vancouver. My friend and I were over the moon about it and we bought our tickets immediately. We stood in second row and the concert was amazing. Nick Howard was the opener and I liked his music instantly (coming back to him later). When I was in Vancouver, they had a concert there as well, but unfortunately I couldn’t go.
In 2011 they came back to Zurich and of course I had to get my tickets. Second row again and I was able to take some nice pictures and videos.
After that I was waiting for them to come back for a long time and then they finally made in March 2014 again. What an awesome concerts!!! They brought Nick Howard again, yay! :)

 Now, let’s talk about Nick Howard. In 2012 the second season of The Voice of Germany started and there he was, I was so surprised and happy to see him on TV, on a German TV show. And the best thing about it?! HE WON!!! I’m so glad he did, because he’s so talented and it has brought him back to Switzerland in June 2013. It was a concert in a very small venue and he only brought his guitar. The whole atmosphere was great and so intimate. I was able to snatch a place in first row. OMG, I was over the moon and the concert was amazing. At the end he stayed there to give some autographs. I bought a Nick Howard bag, got my autograph and my friend took a picture of the two of us. One of the best days ever!!!

He was supposed to come back to Zurich in March 2014 and then he announced that he would join Boyce Avenue on their tour. The best combination ever, they made me a happy girl and I loved hearing Nick again live. When we left the concert Nick was outside the venue and I got a second picture. I still cannot believe it!!!
He’s coming back to Zurich in October and I hope my mum joins me for the concert, because she’s a fan as well.

Now, let’s see there are some other concerts, I’d like to tell you about. I was a big fan of the Estonian band Vanilla Ninja. I saw them live twice and I really loved their music. Unfortunately, they’re all having a solo career now and this mostly in Estonia.

James Blunt came to the big concert hall in Zurich in 2011 and I had a great time at this concert. There were so many people though and he was so far away.

Concerts I enjoyed some summers, were down in the Italian part of Switzerland, at the Moon and Stars Festival in Locarno. I saw Green Day, Bryan Adams and Roxette live and Alain Clark. He was the opener for Bryan Adams and I fell in love with him and his voice. When I checked if he’s coming to Switzerland again, I read about this 360° concert, where different stars are singing together in the middle of a room and the people are sitting around them. Alain Clark was there, among some other great artists like Johannes Oerding and Myron. It was such a memorable concert in an unforgettable atmosphere. I went there again last year, there were Myron and Johannes Oerding again, but also some other artists.
Alain Clark came to Switzerland again, actually to the big concert hall in Lucerne. He was singing and a whole orchestra was accompanying him, it was amazing.

Last but not least: The Overtones. I don’t even remember how I discovered this band. I think I saw them as an act in a TV show and then googled them. I loved their songs, so bubbly, funny and awesome!! Then I saw that they were coming to Zurich and since I knew that my mum liked them too I bought the tickets. The concert was AWESOME, I couldn’t sit still.

I could tell you more about other concerts, but these are the most important ones, who stayed in my heart…

Boyce Avenue
Boyce Avenue 
Boyce Avenue
The Overtones
Nick Howard
Nick Howard

Alain Clark
Alain Clark
Bryan Adams
Alain Clark 

Nick Howard

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