Saturday, 29 March 2014

What music means to me

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You all already know about my passion for Musicals, but that’s not it, I’m in there way more.
I guess part of it definitely comes from my mum. She loves music, sang in a choir for most of her life, well...

It all started with me taking ballet lessons at the age of six. The ballet changed into Modern dance, into Modern Jazz, to Jazz and then finally Hip Hop. I was at a local Dance school and had training every week until I was 19.
When I was nine years old I started taking piano lessons and I still play. Nowadays I mostly choose my own songs and try to play something with the chords.
I started the singing when I started High School. I joined the school choir called Vocal Joy and sang in this choir four years. With that I also started taking voice lessons, which really helped me a lot. In my third High School year we performed the Musical „Linie 1“. It’s a German one and I must say I really enjoyed it.

Well, as soon as I finished High School I joined my mother’s choir. I just couldn’t cope without being in a choir. We had a concert under the theme of Cinema Classics. It was awesome, we sang great songs out of awesome movies. Now It’s my forth year in the choir already and I’m really enjoying it.

As you know already I am also a member of a Theatre Group and we performed Oliver! two years ago, now we are rehearsing for the The Sound of Music.

I love singing and also playing the piano while I sing, I really feel it’s a great way to express myself and my emotions. The lyrics give me the possibility to say what I want, in a great and different way. I started writing my own songs, which I find really challenging. One song is finished, it's called Just A Dream, here is the video, tell me what you think:

Video of Just a Dream:

And another video of me singing Impossible:

And me singing All I've Ever Needed from the movie Grace Unplugged:


  1. You are SO talented hun!! Wow!! So happy you made this post & shared these video's!! xxxx

  2. Hi Simona! Found your link through Jenny's new Sunday Challenge! You are SO talented! I also began dancing when I was younger, when I was 2, and still do to this day! I also sang in high school chior! I loved watching your videos and reading about your passion to sing and play the piano. I think it's so cool you are in chior with your mom and you guys can share that! :) happy Sunday to you!

    1. Hi Nichole
      Thanks, that means so much to me, I had a look at your blog and I really liked it. I think it's great that you're so passionate about dancing. Happy Sunday, xx

  3. Hi, I found your link through the Sunday Funday challenge (sorry, I know I'm a bit late haha) I love this post, and you're really talented - Just a Dream is amazing! :) x

    1. aww, thank you :) That means so much xx