Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Can You Keep A Secret? - by Sophie Kinsella

Original Cover
My own copy

The blurb:

Emma is like every girl in the world. She has a few little secrets.

Emma is sitting on a turbulent plane. She’s always been a v. nervous flyer. She really thinks that this could be her last moment. So, naturally enough, she starts telling the man sitting next to her – quite a dishy American, but she’s too frightened to notice -all her innermost secrets. How she scans the backs of intellectual books and pretends she’s read them. How she does her hair up like Princess Leia in her bedroom. How she’s not sure if she has a G-spot, and whether her boyfriend could find it anyway. How she feels like a fraud at work – everyone uses the word ‘operational’ all the time but she hasn’t a clue what it means. How the coffee at work is horrible. How she once threw a troublesome client file in the bin. If ever there was a bare soul, it’s hers.

She survives the flight, of course, and the next morning the famous founding boss of the whole mega corporation she works for is coming for a look at the UK branch. As he walks around, Emma looks up and realises…

It’s the man from the plane.

What will he do with her secrets? He knows them all – but she doesn’t know a single one of his. Or… does she?

My Opinion:

Imagine, you’re in a plane and you think you are going to crash. Would you tell a complete stranger all your secrets?
Emma did it and then the next thing she knows: he is walking into her office and he is the founder of the company she works at!!!! And now he knows everything, how she doesn’t like the coffee at work, how she sneaks out of work with her friend Katie to go to Starbucks to catch up... This is really embarrassing; hopefully he’ll forget everything.

Then there is her gorgeous boyfriend Connor and he wants to move in with her. But ever since this flight back home from Scotland Emma has changed.
Jack (her boss) seems to be very nice and doesn’t care about her secrets, yes he teases her sometimes, but they seem to be on the same level. Emma is falling for him and breaks up with Connor and then Jack takes her on a date. His perfectly planned date doesn’t turn out that well. Yes, he knows what she likes, but it’s it what she really wants in this moment? No, not really.
This continues and he has some special things in mind for her, which I think is great. Their scenes are adorable and funny, it was such a pleasure to read them.

When Jack exposes all of her secrets everything is turned upside down and Emma doesn’t understand the world anymore. A new and interesting path started in this story and everything about it felt so vivid for me. Lovely characters and entertaining all the way.

This story is so cute. You feel with Emma every step oft he way. Witty, funny and touching!!! Go read it now :)


My possible cast:

Emma: Ashley Olsen

Connor: Chord Overstreet

Jack: Hugh Jackman

Lissy: Evangeline Lilly

Jemima: Amber Heard

Sophie Kinsella on Twitter: @KinsellaSophie


  1. Woot! I read this one in Dutch (twice) when I was about 14-15. Got the feeling I should read it again... soon! Perfect cast btw S., you could have a big Hollywood career at a casting agency! :D xxx <3

    1. Thanks hun :) LOL, maybe I should fly over and try, wanna join? ;) xxx <3

  2. It was the first chick lit book that I ever read! I loved it and make all my friends (including my boyfriend) read it! I love Hugh as Jack! ;) xx

    1. Wow, your boyfriend read it?! Did he like it? Hugh is great, love him <3