Saturday, 11 November 2017

Body Confidence – Body Positivity

I have been skinny and thin my whole life. I never really struggled with it, because my mum and grandma were the same. Of course there were the people who said I never eat anything or I’m sick, but I learned to ignore those people. I always thought that my wrists are thin, but that’s just a place where you don’t gain weight.

I have written a post two years ago, talking about my confidence and my body is part of that, read it here: Confidence - Believe in Yourself!

There are so many posts, articles etc. out there talking about loosing weight and people struggling with their body, because they have too much weight. I totally understand that and of course it’s a really hard journey for them. It’s the same for people like me.

I have always wanted to gain weight, but it just never happened. This is very frustrating, because there is no change.

Well, that changed now. I gained weight. Not a lot, but I got to the weight I wanted all a long and that just gives me the best feeling ever. Some of my clothes don’t fit me anymore and I might only have gained some weight in certain parts of the body, but IT HAPPENED.

Our body is part of us and it’s important that we feel comfortable. It’s not about what they others think and what the media thinks is good. It’s US. WE DECIDE what makes us happy.

Don’t compare yourself with others and don’t force your body to something that you don’t want and that is not good for your body. You live in it, it’s YOUR LIFE. 

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