Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Props and backgrounds for blog/Instagram photos

Summer is great for blog photos! The sun is shining and it’s light for a really long time. I started taking pictures of the books I read from the start, always using different props. Preferably some, which have a connection to the books. In the beginning I didn’t care about the lighting, now I do, but I am definitely not a pro at it and in the end I just have to be happy with the actual picture. Now I also take lots of pictures for my blog posts and Instagram and always try to be creative. Props and different backgrounds really help to make photos unique.

Background ideas:

-       Blankets
-       Pillows
-       Clothes
-       Scarfs
-       Books, Notebooks
-       Newspaper
-       Wrapping paper
-       Floors
-       Grass
-       Ground (Street)
-       Walls
-       Paper
-       Tables
-       Trays
-       Plates
-       Tiles


-       Books, newspapers, magazines, programmes
-       Laptops, phone, iPad, kindle, camera, headphones
-       Glasses, sunglasses
-       Scarfs, socks, bras, bikinis etc.
-       Food
-       Drinks
-       Notebooks, planners
-       Postcards, cards, photos, pictures, posters
-       Jewellery
-       Beauty products
-       Bags
-       Mugs, cups, glasses, bottles
-       Signs, quotes
-       Key chains
-       Flowers, Plants
-       Decor objects (sea shells etc.)
-       Straws, stickers
-       Bookmarks
-       Light chains, light box
-       Magnets
-       Paper clips, scissors, pins etc.
-       Pens, pencils, markers etc.
-       Chalk boards,
-       Boxes, pencil cases
-       Passports, maps, luggage tag
-       Balls, pucks etc.
-       Souvenirs (snow glob etc.)
-       Candles
-       Threads, strings
-       Washy tape
-       Frames, vases, trays
-       Confetti
-       Home ware stuff

So these were some ideas (or a lot), I hope this gives you inspiration :). All my other pictures are taken outside, so obviously exploring and traveling are very important too. 

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