Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My Watches

I have shared my fave lipsticks, my pajamas and my rings, so it's time for another edition: my watches. 

So here they are! I actually have two more, but I don't wear them anymore, one is from DKNY, it's silver and looks like a bracelet: DKNY Watch (similar). The other one is from D&G, it's also a bit like a bracelet, bit t was mainly black with a silver border, similar to this one: D&G Watch.
Now to the actual ones, from left to right: Kate Spade, Storm and Storm. 


I bought this Kate Spade watch last year at Nordstrom in Chicago. It's gold and it has a white strap. I also adore the details, like the cute cocktail glass. 

Gold version: Kate Spade Watch
Blue version: Kate Spade Watch


I bought this golden Storm watch last May in London. I actually wanted another one. They had my silver Storm watch in gold last year, not anymore though. So I went for a different one, I'm very happy with my choice. 


So this is the silver Storm watch they discontinued. I bought it last year. 

The Storm store in Carnaby Street is great! Where do you buy your watches?

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