Saturday, 1 April 2017

Why I’m going back to Dallas

In just two days I am flying to Dallas. Now, you would ask: Why Dallas (again)?!

Yes, I went to Dallas last year and spent a few days there. There are several reasons for going back this year.

First and most important reason is of course seeing my second momma Wendy again. She is a wonderful friend and I really enjoyed meeting her last year. We had a fabulous time, so much to talk about and she is genuinely a person a can tell everything to. I also got to know her lovely family. I can’t wait to talk books, hockey life and men with her, go shopping, enjoy some hockey together and more.

The Dallas Stars! My fave team with some great players and the NHL on general. Games, practice, the arena, just so much fun! (Yes, I realised that I didn’t use any verbs there ;) )

Of course I haven’t seen a lot from Dallas. I’m excited to explore more of Dallas and the surrounding area.

One thing that is always great in America is shopping. The prices are better than in Switzerland and there are certain stores we don’t have in Switzerland/Europe. I also really like the malls.

Northing to do with Dallas, but I get to watch Homegate TV again, one of my fave channels.

America is a country I really like to travel to. I have lots of places in the States on my bucket list. I just like the language, how the diverse it is, the shopping, the NHL and more. Of course there are things I don’t like, but that doesn’t stop me from visiting the country.

I’m going to be in Dallas for a week, staying with my second momma Wendy, I can’t wait!!!

So as I said, I'm leaving in two days, which means I'll have a post up tomorrow and only the occasional post after that, like a blog tour. I'm away for three weeks, but after that I'm of course back with a lot of exciting content, including my travels. 

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