Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Things I Don’t Understand: Liking and Retweeting Your Own Tweets/Photos

I’ve seen it on Twitter, I’ve seen it on Instagram, I’ve seen it on Facebook and to be honest I just don’t understand it, in the sense that I think you like everything you post anyway and there is a reason for you posting it.

I kind of see why people are doing it, especially the retweeting. Retweeting gives you the possibility to share your tweet one more time. In my opinion it’s just weird though, because you can just make another tweet, even change the words. If you you do it with all your tweets, it’s close to oversharing in my eyes.

Now, let’s move to liking your own photos, that happens on Facebook and also on Instagram. Some people just like their own photos and others, who have two accounts like the pictures of the other account. It’s one more like, are they trying to get attention, get more likes and as a result get more followers?! I think that this is a really odd way to achieve this, worse would only be buying more followers. It is redundant, because otherwise you wouldn’t have posted it. I only post pictures I’m happy with and the ones that I like myself, I want that to be seen in my feed.

I strongly believe that you should let your followers decide whether they like your photo or tweet and maybe find out what is more popular in that way. If you really want more followers or likes, it’s good to see what people like. A lot of people like their photos, because they want to get the actual number on Instagram, meaning getting over 10 likes. This even seems like a little bit of cheating to me. 

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  1. I don't 'like' my own Facebook posts but the reason people do it is because the way Facebook's algorithms work means that most of your friends won't even SEE the post until someone likes it - even if that someone is you. With Twitter, I have occasionally retweeted myself when I'm in a hurry and can't be bothered to retweet something that my followers might have missed - a discount on one of my books for example. Hope that helps! x