Saturday, 29 April 2017

Tenerife - Travel Diary

Another early morning start it was on that Thursday, just two days after coming home from Dallas, but I was very excited, because this time the journey took me to Tenerife with th my family.
After a coffee and some breakfast it was already time for boarding, the flught was four hours long and the view during landing was absolutely fabulous. We saw El Teide, the vulcano mountain and the coast of Tenerife, just breath taking. A bus took us to the hotel, the Riu Palace in Costa Adeje. We enjoyed a little champagne while they handled everything for check in and just enjoyed this great on the balcony. Then it was time to get changed into something more summery, before eating lunch by the pool. A yummy Gazpacho and little hamburgers it was with a cerveca (beer). It's actually the first time for me in Spain, which made this trip even more special. Afterwards we explored the area arohnd the hitel, meaning Costa Adeje and everything around Playa del Duque. There are some cute little shops and cafes around there, with a fab view of the atlantic ocean. Back at the hitel we took a shower, git changed and headed for dinner, which was really good with a lot of choices. The evening ended with a drink outside on the terrace listening to a live band.

The following day was a Friday, after breakfast it was time for some shopping. We spent about three hours checking out the shops, in the end I bought a bikini at Tommy Hilfiger and it was definitely time for a coffee before heading back to the hotel. Now, it was pool time! I git changed as fast as possible and webt to the pool area, we found a great spit, had lunch there and just enjoyed the sunshine. A good book, some music, that's all I need. I also tried the infinity pool, with their little beds to lie in , just perfect. Even just looking out to the ocean, it's just so relaxing. We stayed at the pool for a long time, had dinner and looked at the beautiful sunset with a drink in our hands.

Saturday meant a slow start, after breakfast we explored the area the the right of the hotel, also very cute, with some stone humans right by the beach. Then it was time for a coffee before heading the the golf course of Costa Adeje. Don't worry I didn't golf 😉, just watched and enjoyed the great view and the nature. The sport still seems very borning to me and it just takes forever. Afterwards we enjoyed a beer at the club house and went back to the hotel to have some dinner. The evening ended with a yummy mojito at the bar.

On Sunday we git up earlyish, because I wanted to the deckchairs close to the infinity pool, we got them of course. The day was dedicated to pool time, reading, listening to music, relaxing, swiming in the infinity pool, eating... I think you get the pictures. It was the warmest day so far, with a warm wind called Calima, bringing sand from Africa. We started dinner with a drink outside on the terrace and then sat outside for dinner, because it was so warm. Right after sunset in the blue hour we walked around a bit and explored Costa Adeje by night, so beautiful. When we got back we heard this great music and headed up to the stage and bar area, where the band called UK Menace performed and dragged us to the dancefloor immediately. So we danced, had a drink, sang and list ned to their songs. They covered the Jersey Boys, which was fab.

Monday was another sleeping in day, followed by breakfast, coffee and some relaxing pool time. It was still really arm, so of course the infinity pool brought the right cooling. At about three pm I went back to the room, showered and we explored the shops we haven't been yet. I bought a lovely scarf from Marccain, so in love with it. It was only on Monday when we went to another area to eat dinner, with a much better view, why didn't we go there before?! We went to bed early, because we wanted to get up early the next morning.

So we did get up early, ate breakfast and started our journey to explore the island by car. Our first stop was Candelaria. The have a very pretty church and cute beqch with black sand, that was great see. Of course it was also time for a coffee, before continuing the journey to La Laguna, the former captital of Tenerife. It's such a cute little city, with adorable houses in different colours and some impressive churches. We bought some postcards there and looking at them, decided to head to Punta del Hidalgo. Well, as we were driving these clouds appeared, arohnd these mountains and suddenly we were in between them. Driving down to the nirth east coast they weather didn't get any better, so the view there was nothing. The houses and hotels there also seemed abondoned, which was reall weird. We had our sandwiches and continued our drive to Puerto della Cruz. That one area there right by the see looked great, so we wanted to there, we didn't find parking though and the area with the hotels looked old and dated. So we wnet to the botanical garden there instead. That was very pretty. Then we continued our drive, so some great photo options, but they were all nothing because of the weather. In Icod we went to see El Drago, a very old dragon tree, which actually doesn't look that big on picture, but it's huge. Then we drove to the Buenovista Golf Club, which is in an amazing location right by the see, so beautiful. We were even able to see the sunshine, so we were hoping to see some sunshine soon. Well, we had a yummy avocado and salmon salad there and watched the golfers before driving away again. That's where the journey got really interesting. It was clear that we had to drive over a mountain pass to get to the other side, but the first part of the road was steep, bumpy and a but if an adventure for sure. It was going up and up, not stoping. Almost at the top the sun was finally creepy out of the clouds and we made it out of them, seeing blue sky, beautiful green landscpae and some great views. The highlight: we saw El Teide, so brwath taking. Driving back to the hotel afte that was awesome too, with a view of the sea. At the hotel we inly had a quick dinner, before heading to bed, I was exhausted.

El Teide
La Laguna
El Drago

I took it slowly in the Wednesday, the weather wasn't too great at first, so I sat in the sunlounger in my comfy nike sports stuff, wrote blog posts, read and listenined to music. The weather didn't get any better, so we walked along the boardwalk and checked the shops, we haven't seen yet. Then we had lunch in the pool restaurant and relaxed a bit by the pool before going up to the room and getting changed. For the evening we reserved at the Krystal restaurant in the hotel, they only have a few spaces and the food was absolutely delicious. The evening ended with a drink by the bar.

On Thursday they weather was better, or so it seemed, it was fine in the beginning and then the clouds came up. Just before that we went to the beach with thesegreat stone sculptures and took some pictures. Then we resturned to our sunloungers, but it git colder and colder, so we went up to the room and watched a bit of TV, before deciding to see another golf gourse and goung shopping in the Siam Mall. After shopping we had a beer and pizza at the mall and went back to the hotel, where we only had a small dinner and just watched TV.

Friday was our last full day and it started with sunshine, so we went to relax by the pool. Even though the weather orecast wasn't great, it was warm, so perfect pool weather. Some reading, relaxing, music and a beer, all I needed. At around 4 pm we decided to go to this other mall in Las Americas, because they had they shoes, we didn't find the day before. The taxi dropped us off and funnily enough it was the first store right when we got out of the taxi. I still can't believe it, but I found three pairs of shoes in that stores, all in 36, that never happens to me with my small feet, so of course I got them all. We also explored the other shops there and then walked to the beach, where there were many surfers, a beach bar and some funny sculptures. Then we took a taxi back to the hotel and drank our little cavas we got from the hotel for easter, a toast on the holidays. After dinner all we did was pack and go to bed, because we had to get up early on Saturday.

The bus for the airport picked us up at 7.40, so we ckevked out early, had breakfast and then headed to the airport. That took us quite a while, because we stopped at several hotels. Then we checked in, enjoyed a coffee and waited for boarding. The flight was great with a view of Gran Canaria and then the coast of Spain, the Pyrenees and the alps.

Tenerife has been absolutely amazing, I feel in love with the island, especially the different kinds of nature they have there, it's a great island, we lots of things to do. I would definitely recommed going.

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