Saturday, 19 September 2015

Charmed/Harry Potter Magic I Would Love To Be Able To Do

Well, most of you know that I am a big Harry Potter fan, but I’m also a huge Charmed fan. I love love love this TV show and I really miss it. I didn’t really like the first three seasons, probably because of Prue, but I have all other seasons on DVD. I think it’s time to rewatch them soon. I think my fave season is #6, Chris is just too sexy and gorgeous ;)
Ok, back to the topic now.  Of course a big reason form e loving both HP and Charmed ist he magic. When I wrote a post about my Top 5  Harry Potter spells, I came up with the idea for this post. I just wrote down my favourite magical things I would wanna try out and be able to perform. Hope you enjoy.

Beaming/Orbing – Wouldn’t it be fab to orb from place to place?! I could get up in the morning and just beam to work. Same on the way back home or going somewhere. It wouldn’t take as much time and you can choose the exact spot. When you forget something you can just orb home and get it. And you can also just orb to any place. I think I would orb to London, Vancouver and Florida all the time and I’d also be able to just go to Dallas and meet the wonderful Aven Ellis. Plus I also think it look quite fancy with the blue shiny light when Paige, Leo or Chris did it in Charmed.

Quidditch – I’ve liked Quidditch from the start. A game full of action, fun and magic. I’ve always found it very fascinating flying on a broom, throwing around quaffles or looking fort he snitch.  The chaser was the position I’ve always wanted to try, or the seeker I guess, but as a chaser you definitely get more action.

Invisibility Cloak – Being invisible or wearing the Invisibility cloak would be fab. You can go anywhere, without anyone seeing you. You could get into the cinema or a show for free and just watch.

Telekinesis/Telekinetic Orbing – Moving objects?! That’d be kind of fun. You could redecorate the whole apartment like that and I always loved the end of a Charmed season when the door was closed by a character through telekinesis.

Healing – Small bruises, mosquito bits, broken arms etc. Just let somebody heal you and your fine.

Transformation – That’s something we saw in both Harry Potter and Charmed. You could transform any object in whatever you want. If you don’t have something and you’re too lazy to go and get it, just transform another object. Old things could be transformed into new ones and things you don’t like anymore could be changed, that’d be kind of fab!

What do you want to be able to do? Whether it’s from Harry Potter, Charmed or something else, what magical powers inspire you?

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