Monday, 27 July 2015

Ticino - Locarno, Ascona, Bellinzona

The day after I came home from Berlin, I left again for the aticino, the Italian part of
Moon and Stars
Switzerland. This meant that I had wbout six hours at home to clean, run errands, unpack, pack and cook. i managed somehow and left again for the train station at around 4 pm, of course it started aining rught when I left the house. The train ride to Locarno took me 2 h and 30 minutes, it's a beautiful journey and I was able to read a lot ;).
I arrived in Locarno around 7 pm and went to the Sensi reetaurant, where I met my patnts and uncle for a yummy dinner. After that we strolled through the city, got some gelato and enjoyed part of a concert. We didn't have tickets, but it's an oenair event, so we heard everything, which was great. Th Swiss band Pegasus was playing and itbreally rocked. We had another drink right by the entrance of the concert.

On Saturday we slept in and since ut was my dad's birthday he said what he wanted to do. we drove into Ascina, my favourute city down there wnd had a coffee to start with, then we had lunch at the same olace. It's a great place, right on the promenade and great for people watching, Inlove doing that. Afterwards i strolled through the city with my mum, we looked at the shops and enjoyed the sunshine. Then we went to our favourite bar, the Seven Sea Lounge and enjoyed some lovely drinks. Back at the little appartment we showered and git changed for my dad's big night. For thos special occiasion I decided tonwear my new Lilly Pulitzer dress with my white high heel sandals. We had dinner st the Villa Orselina, with a great view. My oncle joined us again, as well as friends with their 19 year old daughter. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Seven Sea Lounge
Sunday was a relaxing day, we slept in, went to have some coffee and enjoyed the sun by the pool, before I joined our friends, my parents and uncle on a round of golf. Yes, I don't play golf and it was a bit boring, but I enjoyed playing around with my mum's gold cart, seeing this beautiful place and reading a little bit in between. It even started raining for a short while, which was great in this heat. After the golf round wenhad dinner at the Grotto Brogini, I had a delicious Gazpacho again, this soup is perfect in summer.

On Monday it was just mum and I. We went into Locarnomfo some shopping. I bought a silver grey maxi skirt and some great sandals, I'm really happy with what I've found. We also had lunch in Locarno and in the late afternoon we decided to cross the boarder and go to Italy. It's so close, so it's kind of a must do here. We drove to Cannobio. It's a cute little town, but full of dutch and German campers, you could also see that looking at the types of shops and restaurants they had, too touristy. So after enjoying some yummy Grissini and a beer, we bought some bread and prosciutto and drove back to the apartment in Locarno Monti, wher we enjoyed our greatbview, the food and a book.

On the next day it was time to say goodbye. After packung and cleaning wenstopped in Bellinzona, to look at the city and have some lunch, before driving home tomCentral Switzerland.

The Ticino is always worth a short trip and I must say I just adore Locarno and As ina. i hope next year I can make one of the openair concerts.

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