Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Story of My Book Corner - Simona Elena

Welcome to another series of guest posts, this time the title is „The Story of my Book Corner“ , thought it would be appropriate with my blog name ;).
Every Tuesday there will be another blogger/author sharing their story, if you wanna be part of it, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The Story of my Book Corner is about telling my lovely readers about your bookshelf and your favourite places to read. Here is my story...

Before I was even able to start writing this post, I had to rearrange and reorganise my bookshelf. It was a huge mess and I had books piling up on the floor and by the window, my overview was gone.
So in the first week of my summer holidays I spent a whole morning doing just that. There is no real structure behind it, so that made it even harder. I’m not a big fan of colour coding and different shelves for different kinds of books just doesn’t work with the books I own. My bookshelf is a bit special, because you can only see half of the books, the other half is hidden behind the others. At the books there are books I have read at school and some I have already read and that are not that special too me, like others.
At the back in the first row there is the only important collection forced to be at the back. It’s all my Harry Potter books, in German and also English, they take up the whole row.

So now let me take you through my bookshelf. The first row, the lowest ones, consists of my favourite authors and stories: Paige Toon, Aven Ellis, Holly Martin, Jenny Hale, Hannah Beckerman, Lori Nelson Spielman, Lucy Robinson, Kirsty Greenwood, Ali McNamara and Giovanna Fletcher. On top there are also some I’m either really excited about or books I’ve really enjoyed (like Ali Harris).

Of course not all of my favourites had space in the first row, so it continues in the second one. There are Lindsey Kelk, Jane Costello, Alexandra Brown, Miranda Dickinson, Jojo Moyes and Anna Bell. In addition there are some I’m also really excited about, especially Iona Grey’s Letter to the Lost.

Row 3 – More beauties here of course. I’m especially proud of my beautiful Series by Christina Lauren. There are also Sophie Kinsella and Melissa Hill and some other wonderful books. I said there is no structure behind it, at least, I was able to keep books by the same author together ;).

The top is just the top. I have a lot of review copies there, books I received from publishers, but also books I bought in the UK.

I have the overview again, but I really don’t know where to put the books I will buy from now on, I think I need an extra room.

My bookshelf is right behind my bed, so it’s no surprise that on of my favourite reading spots is my bed. It’s comfy and close to my books. I love the looks at this colourful selection of books. My second favourite place to read or let’s say my favourite place when it’s nice and warm outside is our garden. Deckchair, book and a refreshing drink that’s all I need. During holidays I love to read at the beach, I just like the sound of the waves in the background.

Now, last but not least, my dream book corner would be one like you see on the picture on top. A room full of books with a place to read right be the window, with a nice view of course. A comfy hammock or lounge area (with a little bed) outside or by the sea would also be nice. I also found found a nice picture of a comfy little book corner <3. 

So that was the first post of my “Story of my Book Corner series”, up first in August will be the lovely Jenny from Jenny in Neverland, make sure you check it out.

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  1. A very attractive and interesting story. I hope my novel reaches your shelf, and my second book, the first one of a children's series....any publishers out there? My second book has strong cross cultural interest, and has an environmental message.Suzy