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Concerto - by Hannah Fielding

The blurb: 
When Catriona Drouot, a young music therapist, honours an opera diva's dying request to help her son, Umberto Monteverdi, recover his musical gift, she knows it will be a difficult assignment. She had shared a night of passion with the once-celebrated composer ten years before, with unexpected consequences.

The extent of her challenge becomes apparent when she arrives at her client's estate on the glittering shores of Lake Como, Italy. Robbed of his sight by a nearfatal car accident, the man is arrogant, embittered and resistant to her every effort to help him. Still, Catriona sings a siren's call within him that he cannot ignore.

Caught up in the tempestuous intrigues at Umberto's Palladian mansion, Catriona discovers that her attraction to the blind musician is as powerful as ever. How can she share what she has hidden from him for the past decade? Soon she realises that hers is not the only secret that is rippling uneasily below the surface. Dark forces haunt the sightless composer, threatening his life - for the second time.

Concerto is a sensual and romantic story of lost love and forgiveness, destiny and difficult choices, and of a heroine determined to put things right at last.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

This book still has me in awe and I mean that in a positive way. I was blown away by this story, it’s incrediable. 

We follow Catriona Drouot, who is a music therapist and gets a request to help a famous composer. The interesting thing about that?! They shared a passionate night together when she was just eighteen and now ten years later a lot of things have changed. 

Ten years ago Catriona wanted to become an opera singer, she is very talented. Umberto Rolando Monteverdi was their neighbour and judged a competition she won. One thing lead to another, but they had instant chemistry for sure. Hannah Fielding captured the atmosphere beautifully and included all the emotions. Well, Umberto left for a world tour and that was it. 

Catriona’s life changed a lot and she doesn’t want to take the offer to help him at first. Also Umberto’s life changed, he had an accident and is blind now. 

She decides to go to Italy to help him. Umberto’s estate is mysterious and so are the people there, especially his cousin Giacomo, but also Silvana, a friend since childhood, or is she more?!

Well, Catriona instantly feels attracted to him again, but they don’t have an easy start. When he discovered who she is, their passion for each other ignited again. Their chemistry is electric, but it’s not all paradise. Catriona is still hiding a secret and is scared of his reaction. Other secrets are also flying around and adding a lot of drama, which made this story very exciting. I couldn’t put the book down. 

Catriona and Umberto shared a lot of sensual and passionate moments, the author’s writing is adoring, flirty, romantic, intense, hooking, descriptive, touching and so much more. I didn’t want the story to finish and I like all the different aspects it had. 

The musical aspect is to die for, beautifully captured and just magical. Hannah Fielding really created her own voice and her writing is just on point. 

There were two things that bothered me a little bit. I understand that Italian words somehow have to be translated. I didn’t like the way it was done. The Italian words were always translated in the same sentence word by word. That disturbed me a bit. At times I also felt like the storyline dragged a little bit. 

Whether it was Italy or Nice, I liked the way the author described these unique and special places, I felt like being there with the characters. 

I really fell in love with this story, the characters and the writing immediately. 



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