Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The truth about teacher clichés

There are a lot of teacher clichés and stereotypes out there and as a teacher I’m confronted by them every single day. Parents, pupils and especially in my every day like.

Most of these clichés don’t apply to me at all, so I’m writing this post to tell you guys, how teachers feel about these clichés

-       Teachers have a lot of free time and holidays –> This is definitely not true. I have mentioned this in previous posts already. When we are done teaching, we have to correct, prepare and write comments. This all happens after or outside our working hours. The same goes for holidays. Yes, obviously we get more weeks, but half of these contain work. 

-       Teachers don’t have lives outside school! –> NOT TRUE AT ALL! We have hobbies, enjoy our days off and spend time with friends and family. I sing in two choirs at the moment, I blog, I read, I go to hockey games, drink coffees with friends etc.

-       Teachers are not cool! –> Well, that just depends on the personality of the person and the definition of cool right?! Teachers can definitely be cool and according to my students I can be cool ;)

-       Teachers are never wrong –> We make mistakes as well and I actually think it’s important that the children see that. We don’t know everything.

-       Teachers are frumpy and old-fashioned! –> NO!!! We can be stylish too. I love fashion and shopping and I think I have a great style, not boring at all.

-       Teachers are out to get you –> Not al all, we want the best for our students and try to support them where we can.

-    It's your own time you're wasting! –> This one applies to me too. I use it from time to time, to show my pupils that they didnt use their time well.

There are so many different types of teachers out there and that’s totally fine. We are all unique and have our own style right?!

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