Saturday, 2 July 2016

Simona and the Seasons

With Switzerland I live in a country, where I can experience every single season. You might say I’m lucky and most oft he time, I would probably agree with you, but sometimes I would prefer spring and summer only, let me take you through all the seasons and explain it to you.

I was born in summer and I’m a total summer girl. When you people prefer to stay in the shade or inside, I’m the one going outside to enjoy the warm temperatures and the sunshine. One of my most favourite things are reading outside in the garden or at the beach with a cool drink by my side. I love staying outside the whole day until it’s evening, because it’s still warm outside. Days are long, you can have e a BBQ everyday, I could go on here. In summer I prefer to stay at home in Switzerland, because everywhere else is busy and we have so many beautiful places. I can go enjoy summer and sunshine in Florida, Italy or Greece in spring or autumn. I also love summer outfits, wearing skirts and dress, just paradise.

Well, we are moving on to autumn. My fave things are the colours of the trees, they look so pretty. I really enjoy sunny autumn days, but then comes a time, when it gets cold, it gets darker and it can also sun, that’s what I don’t like. Foggy and cold weather is so depressing. I love fall fashion, the browns, the dark reds, that’s my thing!

Then comes winter, the cold winter. It can actually be really beautiful in Switzerland with the snow, sunshine and blue sky. What happens between that is what I don’t like. Snow, snow and more snow means chaos on the streets, having a longer way to work and it’s cold. I prefer the temperatures in summer, I’m cold so fast. A positive thing about winter: Christmas, without a doubt. We are still dreaming of a White Christmas, haven’t had one for so long, but the snow always waits for January, February, sometimes even March and April.

Last but not least we have spring. I adore spring. Everything looks so pretty, the fields, the trees, the lakes, the flowers, so colourful and happy. I love all spring colours, especially coral and pastels. I feel like the fashion wakes up as well, bright colours, bright lips and more. The days get longer, you can enjoy the sunshine in the garden, parks or by the lake. No layers need anymore, time for open shoes, ballerinas, sandals and shirts! And isn’t it just great to hear the birds in the morning?!

So as you can see, I prefer spring and summer. What is your favourite season?

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  1. I live in Michigan in the US, which is a state that exhibits all four seasons too. My favorites are Autumn and Winter because I love to get cozy! I love any excuse to wrap up in sweaters and scarves and layers. I love stepping out on my balcony with a cup of hot tea or Michigan Maple Coffee to enjoy the brisk morning air. I love dining on hearty soups and stews for dinner. I even love that foggy, cold, depressing weather. I suppose I like a little melancholy in my seasons? Can't say I'm a huge fan of snow or ice though. While it looks so pretty, I'm a really nervous driver even during good weather. Plus, I drive a really small car, and almost everyone else in my town drives a big truck or SUV (and they drive pretty recklessly on the roads after snowstorms. Yikes!)

    Springtime can be okay. The temperatures are perfect and the blossoming trees are so pretty! But, it's the time of year when I realize just how much people in my town litter. The snow plows spend all season burying litter under snow piles, and when the snow melts, there is a bunch of fast food bags resting along the treeline. It's really upsetting and ugly.

    Summertime...I can't handle. Actually, last summer wasn't too bad. It was a mild summer, and it stayed around 75F degrees (so maybe 23-24C?). This summer is pretty brutal though. It's been in the upper 80s to the low 90s (32C?) and it just turned July. It's only going to get worse later in the season. I think we are actually having an unseasonably hot summer because it's usually not this hot.