Tuesday, 12 July 2016

22 Blogging Clichés and What I Think About Them

Since I got more into lifestyle blogging I have also started following other bloggers and there are certain things that always come up. Some I’m guilty off myself, but other I don’t understand and not really like. 

-       Copper/Rose gold: Can we stop with this please?! It might look pretty on pictures, but I prefer just silver or gold. It somehow sounds almost like every blogger loves rose gold or copper, well I don’t and I’m proud of it. 
-       Flat lays: Yes, I do them myself, especially for my book pictures, it just looks great! 

-       Ikea pots for make up brushes: Really?! Don’t you have your own ideas?! All bloggers have them and yes they are cute, but honestly I’m bored of them! 

-       Candles, flowers and other accessories: Yes, I started using a lot of these things for my pictures, but I don’t go out and just buy them for my photos, I already have most oft hat stuff at home. 
-       Headphones: Why does almost every blogger have these?! Because they look great, really?!

-       Avocado on toast: Don’t get me wrong, I love avocado, but is that all you guys eat?! I guess it’s a bit of an UK thing, so I’m just used to other breakfast options. 
-       Lush: I like some of their products, but that’s it. 
-       Hauls: „I don’t want to brag, but that’s my latest haul...“ Really?! Not really a fan of this sentence, show whatever you received or bought, but do it they right way.
-       Olympus Pen: Ok, it might be a fab camera, but there are others as well. 
-       Lighting: I get that the lighting in pictures is important, but some get a bit too concerned about it, also when t comes to filming. 
-       Lists: Yes, that’s something I do as well, whether it comes to blog posts or to-do lists ;). 
-       Marble: Another thing that sure looks pretty, but why use a background all other bloggers are using as well?! How about using carpets, pillows and other things, get creative!
-       Fairy Lights: DO they have to be in the background of every video?! 
-       All the bracelets and watches: Sometimes it can get a bit too much! Less is more! 
-       „From Where I Stand Photos“: Yes, I do them, but mine are not staged, just casual!
-       „The Perfect Workspace Photos“: I try them, but mine never look pretty! 
-       Pets: I don’t have any! Sometimes I think bloggers share things about their pets a bit too often!
-       Pink!: Not my favourite colour. 
-       Coffees: Guilty of that one, just love COFFEE!
-       All the make-up!: I prefer having a small collection of make-up and skincare products!
-       New clothes for every season: Yes, I love shopping, but so many new things for every little occasion. Now I also know why all bloggers love Primark and H&M. Not really my cup of tea, I prefer more quality, also when it means spending more money. 
-       Designer handbags or accessories: Ok, we know you all like your Chanel handbag, it’s good now! 

So, here you go, that’s my opinion! You can agree with me or not… it’s ok!

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