Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Twelve Words of Christmas - Family by Ananda


by Ananda

Might seem very obvious and predictable, but my Christmas word is definitely FAMILY. Every time I think of Christmas, I imagine my two boys running around the Christmas tree, barefoot and without even washing their faces excited to see what Santa brought them this year. Their anticipation and happiness is so contagious, and of course there’s a lot of screaming once they open up their presents and see they got exactly what they’ve wanted. As all boys at their age (Nikola is 10, Luka is 3) they like toys, video games and loads of chocolate. After they’ve opened up each present and finally calmed down a bit, we go to visit their grandparents… which means more presents (for them) and time for me and hubby to take a breath and sit down to have something to eat (and there’s always so much food on the table) while grandparents play with them. At night, bellies and hearts full, we go back home and have just about the time for a hot bath and a story or two before boys dozed off. But the Christmas madness continues the next day when we usually have relatives and friends over, or we go out for lunch and a stroll through the city, enjoying the snow (usually have snow for Christmas) and the beautifully decorated street and buildings. Christmas is definitely one of the happiest times in our family, though to be completely honest with you, every day feels like Christmas with my three boys around me. Happiness comes from within and I’m blessed to love with all my heart and be loved. As for all of you, family has been and will be always my rock. Thank you, dear Simona for inviting me to your gorgeous blog and Merry Christmas to you and all your blog readers!  

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