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Meet Me in Manhattan - by Claudia Carroll

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The blurb:

In a New York minute, everything can change …

You don’t mess with aspiring journalist Holly Johnson! The man she fell for is not all that he seems – because sometimes dating online doesn’t quite go to plan. She’s decided to fly to the Big Apple to surprise him and to get some answers. And if her plan works she’ll also get the scoop of her career …

But as she steps out of her yellow taxi and the first snowflakes start to fall, it’s Holly who has the surprise of her life.

What should be a dream come true is looking a little like a nightmare. But Holly is determined to get her New York happy ending!

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

So, I actually can’t really believe it myself, but Meet Me in Manhattan is the first book by Claudia Carroll I’ve read. It will certainly not be the last one, because I totally fell in love with her writing.

This beautiful and deep story follows aspiring journalist Holly Johnson. She is really passionate about her job. With Christmas coming closer she gets quiet and introverted. Online however she is different, especially since she met Andy, a Delta airline pilot from Atlanta. She falls for him, but he almost seems to be too good to be true. The arrange a few dates, but he always cancels.

This got me so hooked! I just wanted for him to finally make an appearance, I was so curious about it all.

Just then her friends locate the sender of all these messages, he’s located in New York City. She flys to New York and discovers the person behind it! Afterwards the story develops in an unexpected way, which was great. The whole thing is full of twists and turns. A lot of surprises, which make the story really exciting and unputdownable!!!

Holly gets to experience New York City around Christmas and New Years Eve and through all of this she gets to know a family, that will warm her heart. Holly also goes through the process of dealing with her past, her origin and she learns to forgive and forget. I think this book covers many sensitive topics and it all comes together in a wonderful way in this book.

All the characters in this book are really unique and special. Their personalities come across really well and together they create a wonderful little group, playing together so well. The atmosphere is unbeatable and full of everything. There are funny moments, sweet ones, emotional ones and also shocking ones.

I actually didn’t want to leave the characters in the end, I feel like there is more in store for them. I wish I could tell you more here, but that would ruin the story for you, just read it yourself!!!!

Claudia makes New York feel so alive and describes all these places in a fantastic way. It just makes you want to go to New York immediately. This is one of the best books I’ve read this year. It’s gripping, touching and covers several topics, that make it more than just a chick-lit novel. Claudia is a very talented author, who makes a story incredible with her writing. This book is BRILLIANT!!!!! I definitely have to read more of Claudia’s books.



My possible cast:

Holly: Melanie Laurent

Claudia on Twitter: @carrollclaudia

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