Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Story of My Book Corner - Bharti

Reading for me started as a hobby and became a passion. Some people can’t sit still and have a habit of fidgeting around or biting nails or something else; well I can’t sit idle for long. I have to have some reading material around me, an article, a novel, newspaper basically anything to read. There have been times when I have read posters, billboards or funnily enough instructions to random things around. I remember my first novel was a used copy of Danielle Steel and The Thorn Birds, which was read under candle light when the electricity was gone for the night. That was back when I had discovered reading during school vacations. Once I started earning it was books that topped my shopping lists. 

I would love to say I have a dedicated Book Corner with tons of books. Saying that wouldn’t be completely true so let me say I do have a few corners at home which house my books and knick knacks. Being the only reader in the house is a bit tough. The rest of my family just doesn’t understand my need to hold on to books once I’ve read them. That’s why I keep the ones I love the most and store them in a cupboard. I make sure the storage area is dry and closed well to protect the books as much as possible. Regular dusting and airing is also a part of their upkeep. Sometimes I just take them all out and admire them just because I miss them.

I also have another shelf for diaries and magazines. Magazines, glossy and shiny issues filled with fashion and interior decor, are another weakness I indulge in from time to time.

Like majority of bookworms I read in bed mostly. Other than bed I love reading at the local park especially in summers. I have a few around where I live so that’s a great way to get some Sun, greenery and me time.

Next on my wish list is to build a book shelf to house all my books and a reading nook which will ideally have a view of some greenery. That reminds me of my ideal reading corner; it will be a conservatory on the top floor of a skyscraper with a 360 degree view of the city. With great views, greenery and a cosy corner, who wouldn’t be happy to get lost in another world?

That’s the story of my books and their home in my house. Hope you like it and are inspired to share with us the story of your book corner. Till then keep reading and keep smiling. 

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